SOMFY: opinions on the brand’s gate motorization

Focus on one of the essential brands in gate automation, Somfy. The French group, a world leader in its field, has been present for more than 50 years. A single ambition: “to be the trusted partner for the automation of opening and closing of homes and buildings” by 2030. We will present the range of gate motorization and we will give you our opinion on each of the motors.

Presentation of Somfy

The Somfy company was created in 1969 in Cluses, at the foot of Mont Blanc. The first tubular motor is born. The revolution of roller shutters and electric blinds is underway. In 2001, the brand motorized garage doors and gates.

Since then, Somfy has become the world leader in home automation and motorization and alarm systems. The French industrial group, a pioneer in home automation, is present in nearly 60 countries.

The Somfy range

The Somfy range is very developed. The brand historically offers rolling shutters, electric blinds, but also automatic gates and garage doors, cameras and alarms and all the equipment for a connected home.

Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a product from the Somfy range.

Somfy advantages

One of the indisputable advantages of the brand is to be a French group, established in Haute-Savoie. Somfy is close to its customers both geographically and commercially. Many products are designed in France.

In addition, the brand is constantly evolving. Each new product is an innovation.

If you are equipped with several brand devices, TaHoma Switch allows you to centralize all your equipment and manage it remotely.

Finally, Somfy after-sales service is top notch. The teams are very responsive and always provide the best solution.

In this regard, Somfy equipment, alarms or gate motors, are both efficient and durable. Products are tested and checked to ensure their reliability.

Like other manufacturers, the Somfy group is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Their products are designed to improve the energy performance of buildings.

Disadvantage of the Somfy brand

As we have seen, Somfy offers products that are both qualitative and innovative. It is difficult to find any drawbacks to this brand as users are so satisfied.

We can mention the price which can be high if we compare with other brands. However, this point needs to be qualified due to the quality.

Discovery of the Somfy gate motorization range

There are two main categories: automation for sliding gates and motorization for swing gates.

If you are equipped with a sliding gate on rails, your choice will be based on the length of your gate and its weight.

For swing gates, Somfy offers several solutions. The articulated arm motorization is ideal for the gate. Imitating the natural gestures when opening and closing, the gate is preserved. This motorization is suitable for all types of gate.

Automations with actuators, called endless screws, are more suitable for small spaces or during strong exposure to wind. Relatively lightweight gates will not be suitable, such as PVC or unreinforced aluminum.

Finally, integrated motors, as their name suggests, are integrated directly inside the gate. Ideal for discreet motorization.

The best Somfy gate motors

Let’s discover them best automations portal from the Somfy brand. Classic or connected motorization, for swinging or sliding gate, you just have to choose.

Evolvia Star connected motorization for swing gate

two articulated arm motors from the Somfy Evolvia Star brand connected with photocell, remote control and emergency battery

The Evolvia Star connected gate automation is designed for swing gates up to 4 meters in length, 2 meters in height and up to 400 kg.

This model has automatic closing after the vehicle passes, partial opening, known as pedestrian opening, and integrated stops that are easy to adjust. You will not have to install floor stops. You also have the option of adding lighting. Opening takes just 8 seconds.

On the safety side, the photocells enable obstacle detection and the flashing light warns of gate movements. In addition, it is possible to close the connected gate remotely. The arms are self-locking to hold the gate closed.

In the event of a power outage, the backup battery takes over. A key unlocks the engine in the event of a breakdown.

Thanks to the connected portal, you can control your portal with your smartphone or your voice and control it remotely with TaHoma.

Installation is a breeze. The remote controls are already paired to the motor and a measuring disc and a drilling template are provided to position the motor with ease. Connection to the terminal blocks is easy thanks to the colors. Finally, the instructions are detailed and illustrated.

Guaranteed for 3 years, it is made in France.

Evolvia Star review

The motorization has been in place for 1 week and everything is working correctly. Assembly was quick and easy.

Relatively simple implementation. Compact equipment. Plus, the really nice and practical control box.

Slidymoove 600 connected motorization for sliding gate

complete Slidymoove 600 motorization pack with motor, rack, TaHoma connection

The Slidymoove 600 motorization kit is suitable for sliding gates of a maximum length of 8 meters and up to 600 kg.

The Slidymoove 600 motor can be coupled with an aluminum, PVC, wooden or iron gate.

The flashing light signals the opening and closing of the gate for road users. The photocells allow the detection of obstacles and stop the movement of the gate in the event of an object, animal or person detected. We find the automatic closing, very practical so as not to forget to close the gate after a passage.

In the event of a power outage, the backup battery takes over until the electricity is restored. A key allows you to manually unlock the gate.

The connected motorization is a real pleasure to use. You can use your smartphone with the TaHoma app to control your gate. Open your gate to a delivery person or close it after a friend passes by, all remotely. With the Google Assistant, control your portal by voice. Ideal while driving to open the gate.

Installation is relatively simple. The instructions are detailed and guides make assembly easier and avoid errors.

Slidymoov 600 review

I use this motor for a 4 meter sliding gate. I am very satisfied with this product.
Silent, very good opening detection, good quality Somfy services.

Very good product. Reinforced rack and easy to install.

Freevia Essential sliding gate motorization

sliding gate automation kit Freevia essential somfy

The Freevia Essentiel gate automation is designed for sliding gates up to 6 meters in length and 400 kg maximum. All gates are compatible, from iron gates to PVC, aluminum or wood.

The opening, which takes 16 seconds for complete opening, can also be partial for the passage of a bicycle or on foot.

The essential safety elements are present. The motor is equipped with obstacle detection. If you have children or pets, this is essential to ensure their safety. Thus, if an object, an animal or a person is in the path of the gate, it is immediately stopped.

Again, installation is simple. A drilling template is included and the terminal blocks are color numbered for easy wiring. The remote controls are pre-registered.

Among the accessories, the orange signaling light is provided as well as photocells and 2 remote controls.

It is possible to add a backup battery and solar power to keep the motor running even in the event of a power outage. However, it is possible to unlock the motor to open or close the gate in the event of a breakdown or power cut.

The Freevia Essential motorization is compatible with TaHoma, allowing the gate to be controlled remotely via the application.

Freevia Essential review

Super opening mechanism with electronics protected from humidity.
Ultra-easy adjustment. Everything is included, down to the pencil to mark the rack attachment.

I am completely satisfied with it on all points. Both for simplicity of installation and reliability. To date everything is working perfectly. Good product to recommend.

Motorization for Exavia Star swing gate

Somfy Exavia Star swing gate motorization

The Somfy Exavia Star actuator motorization is suitable for swing gates. It is compatible with aluminum, iron, wooden and reinforced PVC gates. The maximum weight of the gate must be 500 kg, or 150 kg per leaf, with a height of up to 2 meters and a total length of 5 meters.

The opening is relatively quick since it takes 16 seconds for a 90° opening. It is possible to partially open the gate for passage on foot, by bicycle or motorbike.

On the security side, photocells allow automatic obstacle detection with the gate stopping in the event of encountering an object or person.

In the event of a power outage, there is manual unlocking of the motor to operate the gate.

The model is easy to install thanks to the dimension calculation disk provided, the terminal block with numbered colors, the integrated stops and the pre-recorded remote controls.

All accessories necessary for installation are provided: the electronic box, 2 actuator motors, 2 remote controls, 1 flashing light and 2 photocells.

Optionally, control your gate remotely with the TaHoma home automation box and its smartphone application.

Exavia Star review

I am very satisfied with this engine. I put it together without any problem thanks to the very well-written documentation.

Product as I expected. The only downside is that no accessories are supplied with it. Whether it is the electrical wires for powering the various components, the screws and fixing plugs.

Where to buy gate automations?

You can find Somfy gate motors in all DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama, but also on the Internet. You will often find the best prices on sites like Amazon or ManoMano.


Somfy is one of the most essential brands for individuals today. Whether for home automation, alarms and cameras or gate automation, the French company is renowned for its innovations and the reliability of its products. Be sure to make the right choice by choosing a Somfy gate motorization.

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