Make a sliding gate threshold

The threshold of the gate is the foundation which will ensure its solidity and reliability. This is a crucial step that should not be overlooked when installation of the sliding gate. We list the steps to follow to carry out your project easily.

The creation of a gate base in video

The steps for creating a sliding gate threshold

Necessary time : 1 day.

Creating a sliding gate threshold

  1. Plot the location of the threshold

    While following your masonry plan, trace the limits of the threshold using a construction spray.

  2. Check the level

    Check the levels to know how deep to dig. The depth of the sole must be at least 50 cm in order to be protected from frost and the consequences it could have on your sole.

  3. Digging the foundation

    Next you will have to dig. The use of a mini excavator is recommended. The passage of cars in the entrance will have compacted the earth a lot and it will be difficult to dig by hand. But it remains possible and less expensive.

  4. Prepare the scrap frame

    Once the excavation is done, install reinforcing bars on the sides of the trench, then place an iron foundation frame. Finally, connect the reinforcing bars to the frame with iron ties.

  5. Pass the electrical conduits

    Using your electrical conduit layout plan, place your ducts in the trench.

  6. Make the formwork

    With concrete bars and wooden planks, create the formwork to hold the concrete. The formwork must be level and with the dimensions defined in the masonry plan.

  7. Pour concrete

    Final step. Pour the concrete inside the formwork until you reach the upper limit. To finalize, smooth the concrete. To obtain a more aesthetic result, run a joint iron around the edge of the threshold.

  8. Uncover

    After a day of drying, uncover the sill and fill in with earth or gravel.

When can you drive on a gate threshold?

To drive on the base of a gate, we recommend waiting 28 days. This is the average duration for a concrete reaches 80% of its hardening.
You can still walk on it after 24 hours.

How deep for the threshold of a gate?

As we mentioned in the article, the ideal depth is 50cm.

How wide for a gate threshold?

Sliding gate : the width of the threshold must be the width of the pillars + 20cm, so that the gate can slide. At the level of the engine, the width must be wider to fix it.

Swing gate : The width of the sole must be the width of the pillars.

What chaining for a gate threshold?

You can use concrete iron or square chaining. The recommended diameter of the concrete iron is 10mm.

When to remove the sole of a gate?

It is best to wait 7 days before removing the door from a gate.

A good threshold is crucial for the effectiveness of your motorized sliding gate. To choose the motor best suited to your installation, discover our guide on best motorization for sliding gate.

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