Avidsen, our opinion on this innovative and reliable brand

Presentation of the brand

Avidsen is a French brand specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of home automation products. It offers a wide range of products, including security systems, radio controls, accessories and remote control solutions. The brand is recognized for its innovative and reliable products, offered at affordable prices. Avidsen also offers installation and maintenance services for its products, as well as applications and software to make them easier to use.

Top 3 Avidsen engines

Gate, shutter and garage motorization, lighting, alarm and security, heating, as well as video surveillance are some of the solutions offered by Avidsen. The brand also offers connected home automation solutions thanks to its innovative products. Thanks to this comprehensive range, it offers its customers tailor-made solutions for their needs in terms of comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

In this article we will focus on gate motors.

The quality of Avidsen automation

This company is known for its good quality products at affordable prices. In other words, the value for money is almost unbeatable.

In addition, the brand offers a wide range of options and accessories to improve comfort, safety and automation in general. It is thus possible to connect Avidsen cameras, a videophone and even an alarm.

Presentation of the best Avidsen engines

Avidsen sliding gate motor

Avidsen OREA 500

Contents of the kit:

  • 1 24 V motor
  • 8 racks of 50 cm (i.e. 4m) in nylon
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 flashing light

The OREA 500 automation is suitable for large gates up to 8 meters long and weighing 500 kg maximum. Equipped with features such as slowing down at the end of the stroke, automatic closing and partial opening, this motor is very complete and qualitative.

The motorization is compatible with intercoms and videophones to control the gate from your home, without having to leave your home. You can also add a solar power kit to gain autonomy.

The OREA 500 Plus automation kit is an excellent product for motorizing an imposing sliding gate.

Avidsen Zenia 250

Contents of the kit:

  • 1 motor
  • 1 set of photocells
  • 4 meters of racks
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 flashing light

The Avidsen Zenia 250 motorization allows you to motorize a sliding gate of up to 4 meters in length and up to 250 kg. Fast and silent, the automation allows progressive opening and slowing down at the end of the stroke. It is possible to manually disengage the gate in the event of a power outage.

This motor has a sober and elegant design and will be perfect for all types of gate. We highly recommend this model if you have a gate of less than 4 meters.

Avidsen gate motor

Avidsen Styrka 300

Box contents:

  • 2 cylinder motors
  • 2 Avidsen remote controls
  • 1 indicator light

You will have the essentials to automate the opening and closing of your leaves.

We can only recommend the Styrka 300 motorization. As you can see, the reviews are excellent on this automation. Safety is ensured thanks to the indicator light. The engines are discreet and aesthetic.

Avidsen V300, the expensive solar gate motorization

As you will have understood, this motorization is ideal if you do not want to do major electrical installation work. No need to make long trenches to pull the electrical cable.

Installing this kit is easy. You should follow the instructions carefully, and the automation will last for years.

Contents of the kit:

  • 2 Avidsen cylinder motors
  • 4 remote controls
  • 2 photoelectric cells
  • 1 flashing light
  • 1 solar kit with integrated battery

This kit is actually a combination of several kits. The V300 swing gate motorization kit + the Thomson solar kit + 2 additional remote controls

The aim of this kit is to provide you with a complete set to automate your gate autonomously, securely and inexpensively. It fulfills its objectives perfectly. The solar kit will allow you to install the motors on any gate even if it is far from the house. The photocells and the rotating beacon will ensure safety during gate movements. As for the price, it is the best you will find in this range of products.

Avidsen Orane 510 gate motorization

Contents of the kit:

  • 2 24 V articulated arm motors
  • 1 set of photocells
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 flashing light

The Avidsen Orane 510 swing gate kit is an articulated arm motorization. The arms perfectly respect the natural movement of your gate, as a person would do. This significantly increases longevity.

The motorization is designed for gates with a maximum leaf length of 2.50 meters and up to 250 kg. We find the slowdown at the end of the stroke and the automatic stop in the event of an obstacle thanks to the photocells as well as the automatic closing of the gate.

It is a very high quality latest generation engine.

Our opinion on the Avidsen brand

To conclude this article on the Avidsen brand, we can only recommend it. The value for money is interesting. In addition, solar kits are among the cheapest on the market. This is a brand that we recommend.

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