NICE: opinions on the brand’s gate motorization

Discover the NICE brand, an Italian brand renowned for its electric gate motors. The choice is not always easy to make when it comes to gate automation brands. We present and guide you in choosing the motorization best suited to your needs and your installation.


NICE is a Italian company in the home automation sector. The company was created in 1993, in Italy. Since then, it has supplied automation systems worldwide. The company is recognized throughout the world, and resells its products in around a hundred countries.

The company’s values ​​are based on design, technology and sustainability.

Regarding design, they are among the first to place great importance on design. This brought them several awards. The technology aims to produce equipment that is easy to install, comfortable and simple to use on a daily basis. As for durability, they design products that are made to last. These are robust and reliable.

Solar motors are ecological and economical. To discover the best options available this year, including efficient motors for sliding gates, visit our comparison of best motors for sliding gates.

NICE gate automation range

NICE is a company, like CAM, which offers a wide range of equipment to automate the home. The range is from garage doors to lifting barriers. They also offer automatic blinds, alarm systems, control systems. We will focus on motorizations for swing and sliding gates.

Quality of NICE gate motors

The motorization kits from this brand are among the fastest in terms of opening speed. If you are looking for an electric gate that opens quickly this is surely the one. best brand for you. This is an essential point if you live on the side of a busy road. The faster your gate opens, the less you will park on the road. In terms of security, this is a real advantage.

As we saw above, the elements and accessories are very stylish and will beautify your property. Whether on the engine or sensors side, aesthetics are sought after.

The motors are durable, simple to program and reliable. The ROBUS range is one of the strongest motors on the market for sliding gates, whether self-supporting or on the ground.

The price of NICE motorization kits is among the best in terms of value for money.

Disadvantages of the brand

There are very few downsides to this brand. We can still point out that certain models can be difficult to install, because some instructions are not very explicit. This point depends on your knowledge of DIY and electricity. If you’re used to DIY, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Otherwise, it is better to contact an installer.

The best gate motors NICE

We’ll present you the best motorizations for gates sliding and hinged. From the model POPKIT for swing gates with the famous engine ROBUS 400 for sliding gate, discover the NICE range.

NICE swinging electric gate motor

NICE POPKIT with arms

NICE Popkit arm motorization kit with photocell and rotating beacon

NICE POPKIT swing gate automation has two 24V motors with a 230V power supply. It can support a swing gate of up to 200 kg.

Self-learning of the limit switches, pedestrian opening and automatic diagnosis of anomalies are all advantages of this model.

There NICE POPKIT motorization can be attached to all types of pillars thanks to its small footprint.

In addition to its powerful motor, the automation can be coupled with a backup battery kit in the event of a power outage. In addition, it is possible to disengage the motor to open the gate, even without electricity.

On the security side, the NICE POPKIT has a robust anti-shear arm.


Nice Toona swing gate automastime. Complete kit with cylinder

There NICE TOONA motorization is suitable for swing gates, full or semi-openwork, up to 500 kg.

Thanks to the photocells and on-board technology, it detects possible obstacles and immediately reverses its course to avoid any accident.

Slowing down at the end of the stroke preserves the gate for many years for a smooth stop.

The irreversible motor prevents anyone without a remote control (or other access) from entering your property. In the event of a power outage, it is still possible to unlock the gate. Backup batteries can be added to ensure operation on all occasions.

The power supply is 230V with 24V motors.

NICE sliding electric gate motor


nice road 400 engine

The NICE ROAD 400 sliding gate automation is a reference. It supports all sliding gates with a maximum weight of 400 kg.

On this model, it is also possible to connect a backup battery in the event of a power outage. It is also possible to manually unlock the gate to open it in all circumstances.

The opening can be total, for the passage of a car for example, or partial, called pedestrian, to enter or leave your home on foot or by bike.

For safety, obstacle detection stops the movement of the gate and reverses its movement to avoid any domestic accident. This is ideal if you have children or pets.

There NICE ROAD 400 engine is capable of self-diagnosing in the event of a malfunction and notifies you using the flashing light.


Nice Robus 400 sliding gate motorization kit with racks, photocells, control box, and remote control.

THE NICE ROBUS 400 engine also supports sliding gates weighing up to 400 kg. This model is compatible with two-leaf sliding gates. The master/slave function automatically synchronizes the two gates.

There ROBUS 400 engine is at the cutting edge of technology. Using a temperature sensor, the engine strength adapts to climatic conditions. Thermal protection is adjusted simultaneously.

In addition, we also find obstacle detection and self-diagnosis with signaling via the flashing lamp.

In the event of a power outage, it is possible to unlock the gate to open or close it by hand. Backup batteries can be added.


nice robus 600 with cell, indicator lights and remote control.

Big brother of the previous engine, the NICE ROBUS 600 is designed for sliding gates up to 600 kg.

It has the same advantages as the ROBUS 400 with its intelligent functions such as master/slave selection, the temperature sensor to adapt the motor force, obstacle detection and even self-diagnosis.

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THE gate automation NICE are renowned for their foolproof design and reliability. You will not be disappointed by choosing this brand. If you have a swing gate, the models POPKIT Or TOONA are references. Side sliding gate, range ROBUS is a must.

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