Masonry plan for sliding gate

Your sliding gate will need solid masonry which will include pillars, a threshold and perhaps enclosing walls. You will need to draw up a masonry plan in order to plan the location of the rail, the motor and the pillars. So the installation of the sliding gate will be made easier.

A gate with or without masonry pillars?

You have the choice between an entrance with concrete posts or aluminum posts supplied with the sliding gate. This is why we advise you to choose the gate and motorization model before creating the masonry plan.

A gate with pillars and a wall will be very sturdy and will give a traditional look to your home.

On the contrary, a gate with aluminum posts will give a much more modern appearance. In this case, there is only the threshold to achieve.

Passage of electrical conduits

Before making your masonry plan, you must have made your electrical duct layout plan. You know where your ducts, your automation and all the accessories assigned to it will be placed.

The masonry plan

Study your land, check its level. Precisely locate the desired location for the pillars and the length of your gate. Remember that a sliding gate is a third longer than the total opening.

To create your masonry plan, take into account the spacing of the pillars. The standard width for a 3 m or 3.5 m gate. But it’s up to you to decide based on your vehicles and the ease of access to your property.

The overhang of the threshold must be 20 cm on the side where the gate rail will be fixed.

Look in the instructions for your future engine for the reservation that must be made for its installation.

Here is an example of a masonry plan for a sliding gate.

Masonry plan for sliding gate


Thanks to the masonry plan you will be able to create the threshold for your sliding gate.

A good masonry plan is crucial for the installation of your motorized sliding gate. To complete your project with the right motor, it is important to compare different options. Check out our guide to best motors for sliding gates and make the best choice for your installation.

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