Best gate motorization in 2024

Many brands are present in the gate automation market. Italian brands are omnipresent and range from mid to high end. We find FAAC, CAME, NICE and BFT. Two French brands stand out, SOMFY and SCS Sentinel.

These 6 brands are renowned for their gate motors. Whether you want an inexpensive engine or a quality engine, you will find the best brand of gate automation.


Somfy company logo

Somfy is a French group born in 1969. It is one of the world leaders in automatic opening systems and alarm systems. The company is a pioneer in home automation and motorization.

It is in Cluses, in Savoie, that Somfy developed the first tubular motor. Rolling shutters and electric blinds are arriving in homes.

The business never stopped. The Research and Development center is a major challenge and innovation is at the heart of the group’s policy. The challenge of the connected home is launched.

Somfy guarantees durable and high-performance products.

Somfy is the best portal brand for home automation and connected portals.

SOMFY – The best value for money

Slidymoove 300 and Slidymoove 600 for sliding gates up to 8 meters

The Somfy Slidymoove 300 motorization is designed for sliding gates up to 5 meters long and weighing no more than 300 kg.

The model Slidymoove 600 with the same characteristics will be suitable for sliding gates 8 meters wide and 600 kg maximum.

Whether you have an aluminum, iron, PVC or wooden gate, this motor is suitable.

Thanks to photocells and obstacle detection, the gate stops its movement as soon as an obstacle is detected. Another option, the Slidymoove 300 has the partial or pedestrian opening function for use by bike or on foot.

The motor can also be operated using a solar power kit if you do not have access to electricity.

The 230V Somfy Slidymoove 300 motor is designed for a maximum of 20 openings per day.

A big advantage for little DIY enthusiasts is that an animated 3D instruction manual is provided and can be read on a PC or smartphone. The remote controls are pre-programmed.

Somfy Exavia motorization with cylinders for swing gates

The Somfy Exavia automation kit with cylinders is capable of supporting wooden and iron swing gates not exceeding 500 kg (250 kg per leaf) and a maximum width of 5 meters (2.50 meters in width and height). per leaf).

The opening angle is 120°. At 90°, opening takes 16 seconds.

The arms are self-locking. When the gate is closed it is impossible to open it from the outside.

If you regularly leave your home on foot, on a motorbike or by bike, you will be delighted to pedestrian opening, Or partial opening.

THE photocells allow the automatic closing of the gate 5 seconds after a passage. In addition, they enable obstacle detection and stop the gate if a person or object obstructs opening or closing.

The Somfy Exavia motorization requires 230V power supply. A backup battery can be added to take over in the event of a power outage. The motor can be unlocked manually.

As with the other models, stops are integrated to the mechanism. You will not have to place stops on the ground.


FAAC company logo

The FAAC company is a pioneer in gate automations. It provides automation solutions in the residential, collective and industrial sector and pedestrian and vehicle access control.

For the record, it was in 1965, in Italy, that the brand launched into gate motorization after a simple observation: the gates always remain open when people are away from home. From there, the first automatic handling system for FAAC gates was born: the 750 buried.

Since then, the FAAC company has filed no less than 75 patents and created thousands of products. What makes itone of the most renowned brands in gate motorization.

FAAC is very renowned for its hydraulic systems. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of their rather high-end products. The company stands out in particular for its performance and rapid openings.

FAAC – Robustness and reliability

FAAC C720 motor for sliding gate

The FAAC C720 motorization kit is suitable for sliding gates up to 400 kg.

It is very robust and offers a mechanical efficiency greater than 80%.

This FAAC C720 has magnetic limit switches, of the “Master/Slave” functionality. To increase security, photocells cause the gate to reverse its operation when it encounters an obstacle. An anti-crushing device is also implemented.

FAAC 740 automation kit for sliding gate

The FAAC 740 motorization is designed for residential sliding gates.

It can support sliding gates of up to 500 kg.

On the security side, it has the options of slowdown at the end of the race and a device anti-crush. This system detects the presence of obstacles using photocells and automatically stops or reverses the gate operation.

The FAAC 740 automation is equipped with a self-locking system. This avoids the installation of an electric lock. In addition, in the event of a power outage, the unlocking device allows the gate to be opened manually. A key is required to unlock the automation.

It is possible to fully or partially open the gate. Partial opening is adjustable during installation.

FAAC 391-390 articulated arm motorization for swing gate

After the automations for sliding gates, let’s move on to the FAAC 391 articulated arm motorization kit.

As you can see, FAAC is very renowned for the quality and robustness of its engines. As proof, the 390 and 391 models are designed for a high frequency of use, up to 80 cycles per day.

Motorization FAAC 391 24V supports gates of 4 meters in length, i.e. 2 meters per leaf and up to 5 meters with an electric lock.

The model FAAC 390 is 230V. It can support gates with a leaf of 1.8 meters maximum or up to 3 meters with electro-lock.

We also have a self-locking system here. This way, you will not have to install an electric lock on your gate. The mechanical opening and closing stops will not need to be installed either. The FAAC 391 and 390 have integrated mechanical stops.

You can program the slowdowns using the control panel to personalize your motorization.

Big plus for these motors, you can install them on large pillars and above all, it is possible to open a gate to the outside.

It is possible to add a backup battery optional so as not to block the operation of the gate in the event of a power outage. You can also manually unlock the gate to open it in the event of a power outage.

The FAAC 390 model is the best swing gate motorization.


CAME company logo

After FAAC, we are back in Italy with the company CAME.

CAME, for Costruzione Automatismi Meccanico Elettronici, was created in 1972. The company also designs gate automation, access control and home automation.

The group is today a reference in gate motorization.

More than innovation, quality and performance are the watchwords of the brand. Each product undergoes numerous extremely demanding tests with the sole aim of providing a reliable, efficient and robust product. And for good reason, Came products are subjected to extreme conditions, equivalent to 10-15 years of intense use. In addition, controls in electromagnetic interference conditions are implemented to ensure the perfect operation of the product.

The globally recognized company has expanded its initial offering of gate automation to a more complete range of accessories, including videophones, intercoms and home automation.

CAME specific HIGH-END motorization:

CAME Fast 70 automation with articulated arms

The CAME Fast 70 articulated arm automation is a reference.

It allows you to equip gates with complex installation configurations such as large cut stone pillars.

All gates measuring a maximum of 2.3 meters per leaf and weighing no more than 300 kg per leaf can be powered by the Fast 70 motor.

The end stops are integrated to facilitate installation and masonry.

The CAME Fast 70 motorization is equipped with integrated slowdown and some obstacle detection.

In the event of a power outage, a release lever allows manual opening of the gate.

CAME Compact arm pen for swing gate

The CAME Stylo motorization has been designed to be fixed on columns with minimal space requirements. The pillars must be at least 8 cm wide. This is the ideal motor for small spaces.

The gate leaves of the swing gate can be up to 1.8 meters and 150 kg maximum.

In addition to taking up little space, being discreet and aesthetic, the CAME Stylo motor can be installed directly against a wall with the STYLO-BD accessory.

Like its colleagues, the device has photocell sensors allowing the gate to be stopped against an obstacle and a key unlocking system.

Opening angle maximum is 120°.

BX74 motor for sliding gate

The CAME BX74 automation kit is a model for sliding gates.

It can support sliding gates up to 400 kg and with a maximum length of 14 meters.

In addition to the impeccable quality and quality components, the motor is equipped with obstacle detection using photocells. All orders are then canceled if an obstacle presents itself.

It is possible to open the gate only partially thanks to thepedestrian opening. Very practical if you don’t need to open the entire gate.

Installation is very easy. Of the adjustable feet allow a perfect adaptation.


Nice business logo

Founded in 1993 in the north-east of Italy, Nice is a company in the sector of home automation. Nice offers automation systems for gates and garage doors, alarm systems, solar energy and blinds and roller shutters. The company is very present in the world of home automation.

Nice France was the first subsidiary created within the Group in 1995. Since then, Nice products have been sold in more than 100 countries.

Design, technology and sustainability are the watchwords of the brand.

The company Nice, recognized worldwide, is particularly distinguished by its attention to detail and aesthetics. In fact, it is the first entity to focus on the value of design. Nice has also won numerous awards on this subject.

Nice – the best sliding gate motorizations

NICE Robus 400 for sliding gates

The NICE Robus 400 motor for sliding gates is renowned for its robustness and reliability.

It can support a gate of up to 400 kg.

You can pair a backup battery in case of power outage. She will take over until things return to normal.

A temperature sensor adapts engine power to climatic conditions. Thermal protection is adjusted automatically.

The NICE Robus 400 automation kit has the function master/slave and allows you to synchronize two portals. Very useful if you have a sliding gate with two opposing leaves.

Like the other models, obstacle detection is present as well as slowing down at the end of travel and a self-diagnostic system.

The Robus model is the best for sliding gates. It has very good value for money and great reliability.

NICE PopKit arm motorization for swing gate

The NICE PopKit arm automation supports all swing gates of a maximum length of 4 meters, i.e. 2 meters per leaf, and up to 200 kg per leaf, i.e. 400 kg in total.

THE anti-shear arm made of aluminum make it a very robust model. The engine has the obstacle detection, THE slowdown at the end of the race.

The NICE PopKit model allows total or partial opening like the majority of models presented here. He is disengageable manually with a personalized key in the event of a power outage. Backup batteries can also be housed inside the engine as an option.

The NICE Road 400 entry-level motorization for sliding gates

The NICE Road 400 automation, or RETROKIT, is an entry-level motor intended for sliding gates.

All sliding gates up to 400 kg are compatible and all standard options are included. All at a reasonable price.

You will find the possibility of adding a backup battery, total or partial opening, called pedestrian, obstacle detection thanks to photocells and a unlocking system for power outages.

Automation for swing gate: NICE Aria 400

The NICE Aria 400 motorization kit with cylinders is suitable for double-leaf gates up to 9 meters and a maximum weight of 900 kg. That is 4.5 meters in maximum length for a leaf and up to 450 kg for a leaf.

Opening takes 18 seconds and opening and closing stops are integrated into the system. You will not have to do any additional installation.

Of the clutch release keys are included to open the gate in the event of a power outage. A solar panel can also be installed if you do not have access to electricity.

Installation is very simple: the motor is pre-wired and no soldering is necessary.

The NICE Aria 400 engine is compatible with windy areas.


SCS Sentinel brand logo

SCS Sentinel is a French company located in Cholet and specialized in gate automation, intercoms, video surveillance, anti-intrusion systems, alarms, home automation and lighting.

More recent than its sisters, the SCS Sentinel brand was created in 2002. It belongs to the Urment France Group.

The consumer is at the heart of the company’s projects. The brand has made this its main objective: to make everyday life easier for individuals by offering simple, quality products.

One of SCS Sentinel’s flagship ranges is the OpenGate gate automation. The brand offers quality engines accessible to the general public.

SCS Sentinel: The cheapest quality

The Opengate 2 automation kit

SCS Sentinel offers its articulated arm motorization OpenGate2 combining robustness and simplicity.

THE automation kit comes with an installation template to facilitate installation.

Remote controls of the kit allow total opening of the gate, or partial, also called “pedestrian opening”. This is very practical if you don’t have a gate and the only entrance is your gate.

If you have children or pets, you will appreciate the photocells. This system automatically blocks the gate when it is moving and an obstacle is detected.

This SCS Sentinel OpenGate 2 motorization is very smooth and quiet. It has a slowdown system at the end of the stroke.

All swing gates are compatible, whether they are aluminum, wood, iron or reinforced PVC.

The length must not exceed 5 meters (2.5 meters per leaf) and 500 kg, or 250 kg per leaf.

The Opengate 3 rack motorization for sliding gates

The SCS Sentinel OpenGate 3 motorization kit is the equivalent model to the OpenGate 2, but for sliding gates. Here too, the quality is there.

All sliding gates, solid, perforated or semi-perforated can be motorized. Whether they are PVC, wood, wrought iron or aluminum. The motor can support gates up to 5 meters long and weighing up to 500 kg.

The opening can be to the right or to the left. And the motor allows pedestrian opening.

In addition, the automation OpenGate3 rack closes automatically after opening and passing a vehicle. You are assured of always being closed and safe at home.

The photocells block the movement of the gate when it encounters an obstacle. This option is essential for the safety of children and pets.

OpenGate 3 has other options such as slowdown at the end of the race or manual unlocking in the event of a power outage.

The two SCS Sentinel engines are the best in terms of price.


BFT is a globally recognized Italian company. It was founded in Thiene, Italy, in 1981 and is now present in more than 120 countries. BFT offers electromechanical and hydraulic automations for swing gates, automations for garage doors, sliding gates and rolling shutters but also access controls and hands-free control devices and parking terminals.

The company wants to be close to its customers and partners. It offers high-end and very quality products.

BFT has belonged to the Somfy Group since 2004, when the company experienced a meteoric rise abroad.

Consult our detailed page on the BFT brand to find out more and discover our selection of the most famous models.

BFT: performance and aesthetics

The BFT Virgo automation kit for swing gates

The BFT Virgo 24V motorization kit is suitable for swing gates for residential use.

Your gate must not exceed 2 meters in length and 200 kg per leaf. If you have a solid gate, be aware that the surface area of ​​a leaf must be 2.5 mÂČ maximum.

Thanks to a lever system, the BFT Virgo kit can be installed on large pillars. This is the ideal system.

Her opening angle is 120°. And the maneuvering time is 14 seconds.

The motor has numerous options such as end-of-travel stopping and mechanical stops. This avoids the installation of floor stops.

The control center integrated into the motor provides slowdown management and pedestrian opening allowing you to open only one leaf if you are traveling on 2 wheels or on foot.

On the security side, the BFT Virgo automation blocks after each maneuver preventing the gate from opening or closing. Additionally, the motor is equipped with photocells. Thus, in the event of an obstacle, the motor stops its momentum and reverses its movement.

It is also possible to manually disengage your gate using a release key in the event of a power outage.

Buried BFT ELI motorization designed for swing gates

The BFT ELI engine is very famous and appreciated for its aesthetics. Indeed, the engines are buried and therefore invisible. This is the ideal system if you like discretion and if you do not want to opt for an unattractive arm motorization.

The BFT ELI buried automation kit equips all swing gates with a maximum length of 4 meters, i.e. 2 meters per leaf, and up to 400 kg (2×200 kg).

Electromechanical motorization is equipped with a system of magnetic limit switches for precision and use in all conditions. It also has integrated mechanical stops for even more discretion.

Equipped with the BFT ELI motor, your gate will open in record time: 10 seconds at 90°.

Buried motors require relatively significant masonry work and the purchase cost is higher than an arm or cylinder motor. This point should be taken into account when making your purchase.

The ELI motorization is the best buried gate automation.

Hydraulic motor for swing gate: the BFT Giuno

The BFT Giuno hydraulic cylinder motorization kit is perfect for intensive use. It is compact and robust and fits into all swing gates, even the largest!

The hydraulic cylinders are capable of operating a gate weighing up to 800 kg and 5 meters long (2.5 meters per leaf).

The cylinders open up to 110°. As for the opening time, it is quite high. It is 20 seconds.

Like the brand’s other models, this BFT Giuno motorization is equipped with magnetic limit switches, a self-locking system and can be manually disengaged in the event of a power outage.

On this subject, in the event of a power failure, it is possible to couple a backup battery on the brand’s 24V motors to ensure the gate operates in all situations.

BFT Deimos motorization kit for sliding gates

To finish with the BFT brand, let’s discover the Deimos motor for sliding gates with rack and pinion transmission.

Suitable for residential use, this 24V motorization is capable of supporting a sliding gate weighing up to 400 kg and measuring a maximum of 8 meters.

We find the mechanical lock when opening and closing, the magnetic limit switch and the retarder at end of cycle. THE photocells allow to reverse the path of the gate in the event of an obstacle encountered.

The pedestrian opening is standard and allows you to partially open the gate to go walking or riding a motorbike or bicycle.


FAAC And CAM are both best gate automation brands. Their reputation is well established. All their products are reliable and robust. Somfy is aimed at a wide audience with motorization kits but also its ecosystem and home automation. BFT, now belonging to the Somfy Group, offers high-end engines. The brand NICE is focused on the design and aesthetics of gate motors. Finally, SCS Sentinel focuses on the ease of use of its automation kits. Prices are affordable.

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