CAME: opinions on the brand’s gate motors

Are you hesitating between several brands of gate automation? We have studied the CAME brand in order to give you our opinion on it. We will start by presenting the company and then the quality of its products. Next you will find a selection of best engines of CAME portals. We will end up giving our opinion on the brand.


CAME does not really need to be introduced for gate automation. They are already famous. The Italian company manufactures everything related to personal access and security. Whether for individuals, professionals or communities.

The CAME brand is renowned for its gate motors. To explore other high-quality brands and models, check out our guide to best sliding gate motorization.

Presentation of the range

CAME has a very wide range of products such as intercoms or alarms. They also have motorized shutters and blinds, parking barriers and security systems for sensitive areas. Finally, they have a wide range of gate motors. It is the latter that will interest us.

Swing gate motors

Here, CAME has 11 different motors to satisfy all installations.

The FROG range for buried motors. ATS, AXL, AXI and AMICO are cylinders. And the “F” range with the FTL, FTX, Fast motors are arm motors.

The company has more specific models such as the STYLO motor which is compact, but still uses an articulated arm.

Sliding gate motors

CAME sliding gate motors are fewer in number. The motors can drive leaves of 400 kg up to 3500 kg for the most efficient.

Engine referenceLeaf weight
BXLUp to 400 kg
B.X.Up to 800 kg
BXVUp to 1000 kg
B.K.Up to 2200 kg
BKVUp to 2500 kg
BY-3500TUp to 3500 kg
Capacity of CAME sliding automations


To give our opinion on the quality of the products we base ourselves on several parameters. Firstly, our experience and our feelings based on the installations carried out. Next, we consult feedback from customers and users of the systems.

Regarding CAME, the quality is there. This is evident at first glance. Where other brands use plastic covers, CAME manufactures very high quality aluminum covers.

They have a wide range of motorization, whether 24V or 230V, and several types of buried and articulated arm motorization.

CAME automations are the best value for money that you can find for kits with articulated arms. They are also the most robust and reliable.

On certain models, there is also the possibility of controlling the gate with your smartphone.

Disadvantages of CAME

Among the disadvantages, there may be the price for certain engines.

For sliding gates, the covers are made of plastic. This is not very qualitative, but the robustness of the engine is present.

Finally, CAME does not offer any hydraulic solutions.

The best CAME gate motorizations

Best CAME swing gate motorization

CAME FAST 70 U1872 gate motorization

best choice for CAME FAST swing gate

The CAME FAST 70 automation with articulated arm is suitable for relatively heavy swing gates. In fact, it supports leaves up to 2.3 meters long per leaf, or 4.60 meters between pillars. The maximum weight is 300 kg. The articulated arms allow the gate not to force. The movements are similar to human gestures.

The motor requires a 230 V power supply.

This CAME motorization takes up little space. It can easily fit on a pillar.

In the event of a power outage or malfunction, a release lever unlocks the gate for manual opening.

In addition to the motorization, the kit includes photocells. They allow the movement of the gate to be reversed in the event of an obstacle or the passage of a person, child or animal.

The CAME FAST 70 with articulated arm is fast and quiet.

The engine is guaranteed for 3 years.

CAME buried gate motorization FROG A

buried motor in kit

The CAME FROG A buried automation is designed for very long gates.

It can support double-leaf gates measuring up to 7 meters in length between the pillars, or 3.5 meters per leaf. The maximum weight supported is 800 kg per leaf.

There motorization is buried in the ground. This has several advantages, including being very discreet and robust.

The CAME FROG A is equipped with 230 V motors. An unlocking key allows you to open the gate in the event of a power outage. Photocells and rotating beacon are also provided.

The warranty is 3 years.

Cam Pen

Came Stylo with intercom, rotating beacon and photocell

The CAME STYLO motorization is suitable for double-leaf gates not exceeding 300 kg, i.e. 150 kg per leaf. The maximum length supported is 3.6 meters.

The big advantage of this motor is that it is suitable for small pillars. It can even be fixed against a wall by adding an accessory. The arms supplied as a kit take up very little space.

In the event of a power outage, it is possible to manually unlock the gate to release it and thus open it by hand.

Best motorization for sliding and swinging CAME

BX243 sliding gate motor for 300 kg leaf

CAME brand sliding gate kit

The CAME BX-243 model is suitable for sliding gates. It can support all domestic gates since it supports up to 300 kg and gates can be up to 8.5 meters long.

The 24 V motor is very robust and is designed for intensive use. It is also possible to add backup batteries to ensure year-round operation, even in the event of a power outage.

The CAME automation has anti-crushing safety.

The warranty is 2 years.

BX-74 sliding gate motor for 400 kg leaf

sliding leaf assembly

of 400 Kg BX74

The CAME BX-74 sliding gate automation is both robust and powerful. It can support sliding gates up to 400 kg and measuring 14 meters.

The motor has a device detecting obstacles and mechanical limit switches. It is also possible, using the remote control, to only partially open the gate.

The 230 Volt motor is guaranteed for 3 years.

CAME BX-78 for 800 kg leaf

assembly for sliding leaf of 800 Kg CAME BX 78

Let’s continue in the big leagues. The CAME BX-78 is even more powerful than the previous model.

This automation for automatic sliding gate supports up to 800 kg. The maximum gate length is the same as the BX-74, 14 meters.

The motor is also 230 Volts and has a 3-year warranty.

CAME BXV for 1000 Kg leaf

CAME BXV heavy motorization for 1000 kg gate

Designed more for residential and collective sliding gates, the CAME BXV supports up to 1000 kg. The length of the gate must be 20 meters maximum.

It is predisposed for the addition of magnetic limit switches, an obstacle detection system and backup batteries. In case of extreme weather conditions, it is also possible to add heating.

This is the ideal model for intensive use.

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Conclusion CAME offers a range of very varied products whether for residential, collective or tertiary applications. CAME gate automations are among the most renowned and most installed. We recommend this brand without hesitation. Finally, the CAME brand is comparable to FAAC

in terms of quality. Visit our comparison pagebest brands of electric gate motor

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