How to choose your swing gate motorization?

Is your gate difficult to motorize because the pillars are not suitable? Is the land sloping? Or do you need an opening to the outside? There wheel motorization can solve all these problems easily. We will present to you the advantages and disadvantages of this method ofgate automation, then the characteristics to take into account when purchasing.

Why choose a wheel motor?

A wheel motorization is not the most common way to automate a gate. This method is used when other systems do not adapt to the situation.


The advantages of a wheel drive

Sloped opening

The first advantage of wheel motors is being able to open a sloping gate up to 35%. In order for the gate to follow the slope, it is necessary to have slope regulating hinges or lifts. The leaf will follow the slope as it opens and the wheel will follow the movement easily where a motor traditionally would not support the angle taken by the gate.

Exterior opening

Another advantage is being able to open your gate to the outside while keeping the motorization inside. The wheels install on either side and can be used to go in any direction. It is therefore an advantage to open to the outside without leaving the motors in plain sight.

Absence of pillars

If the pillars are not wide enough or damaged, wheel motorization takes on its full meaning. No fixing on the pillar is useful. In addition, this type of automation does not produce any stress on the pillars. It is therefore to be preferred in this case.

Very wide opening angle

In case you want your gate to open to its maximum capacity, the wheel has no limit, except that of your gate. The opening angle is unlimited.

The inconvenients


It is true that a wheel installed on the gate is not necessarily the most aesthetic for a gate. Some models are more stylish than others, but it remains quite large and visible on the portal. If aesthetics are important to you, check out buried motors for swing gates.

Hard ground

For the wheel to work perfectly, it must roll on hard ground. Depending on the type of your terrain, it is possible that the wheel will have difficulty driving the gate. A firm, clean floor is recommended.


The fact that the wheel rolls on the ground necessarily produces more noise than a standard arm motor. In addition, if the ground is not clean and there is gravel, the noise is accentuated by the vibrations produced.

Features to look at before choosing

Now that we have the advantages and disadvantages of wheel motors For swing gate, we will present to you the different important characteristics to take into account before choosing your engine.

Motor adapted to the gate

To know if the motor is suitable for your gate you will need to take note of its weight and dimensions.

Generally, the motors can drive leaves from 200 kg to 1200 kg. The length is not always specified, because it has little effect on the power required for the wheel to open the gate.

220V or 24V motor

THE 220V motors guarantee great power and very good torque for the heaviest gates. In addition, they have a long lifespan. However, it is not possible to pair them with backup batteries.

THE 24V motors can operate on battery power in the event of a power outage. They are more suitable for a large number of openings and closings. 24V motors are as powerful as 220V motors.

24V motors have more advantages, however they are more expensive.

“R” or “B” motor lock

To guarantee the security of your home it is important to know what type of locking is used by the motors. A type “R” lock is Reversible. This means that when the motor is no longer supplied with electricity, it will still be possible to move the gate by hand. In this case, it is essential to install an electric lock to secure the gate.

Type “B” locking is Blocking. When the motor is no longer powered, the wheel locks. It is therefore no longer possible to move the gate by hand. Two things are important. You must have a second access in the event of a power outage or a backup battery. Then, it is only the friction of the wheel in contact with the ground which maintains the closure, so it may still be wise to provide a lock to lock the gate more securely.

Suspension and elevation

When purchasing, please note that the wheel is well suspended and that the ground pressure is adjustable. This helps avoid vibrations while having maximum friction for optimal opening. Then, manufacturers indicate an acceptable height difference for the engine. Measure the exact height difference of your floor to be sure that the motor is suitable.

Opening speed

There opening speed should be taken into account if you are hesitating between several models. Maybe a faster opening is better in your conditions? For example, if your gate is located on a dangerous bend.

It is not recommended to take the fastest motors because the speed quickly degrades the hinges and the gate during jerks.

The most efficient models have high opening speeds but have slowdowns at the end of the stroke to limit gate wear and impacts.

Accessories in the kit

The number of wheels

The first thing to look at is the number of motorized wheels present in the kit. Obviously, you need one wheel per leaf.

The control cabinet

The cabinet is located on a pillar or near your gate. It is from this that your automation will be powered by the 230V sector. It is also where the emergency battery is connected.

Remote controls

Check the number of remote controls delivered with the kit. Usually 2 remote controls are delivered. You can also look at the transmission frequency if you want to control your gate with other types of remote control.


The cables to connect the motors are present in the kits. You should check whether the length is sufficient for your installation.

Safety accessories

Photocell set

THE cells prevent the gate from closing if something or someone is present in its path.

The blinker

It allows you to alert gate movements. It is an essential accessory, especially if your gate opens outwards.

Electric lock

Mandatory with reversible motors, it is not included in all kits, but it is important to provide it.

The most famous models

The AKIA brand with the Star 24 and Star Pro models

AKIA Star 24

AKIA Star 24 wheel motorization

This model is delivered as a kit for 1 or 2 leaves. The power supply is from the 230V sector and the motors will be powered by the 24V transformer.

They can support a leaf of up to 400 kg for residential use.

It has slowdown at the end of the stroke and detection and reversal when the gate encounters an obstacle.

The opening time is given between 10 and 15 seconds.

AKIA StarPro 24

AKIA StarPro 24 portal wheel motor

This engine is identical to the version Star 24 with the difference that it is designed for residential, collective and industrial use.

It supports wide and heavy gates of 1100 kg.

All other features are similar to the Star 24 model.

The Proteco brand with the Runner and Myflow models

Proteco Runner

Proteco Runner wheel motorized

It’s a motorization of the brand Proteco in 230V.

The wheels are capable of absorbing 20 cm of elevation and 12% slope.

This automation has slowdown at the end of travel as well as opening for pedestrians.

The Runner B version has self-locking motors. Perfect for security.

It is possible to add a Remeetio module to control the gate with a smartphone.

Proteco Myflow

Proteco Myflow gate automation

It is also a 230V model.

It comes with an electro-lock to guarantee security.

This gate motorization is intended for fairly long gates (more than 3.5m).

A slope of 12% maximum is recommended and a height difference of 20 cm.

Is it easy to install a wheel motor on a swing gate?

This is perhaps the easiest motorization to install if the slope regulating hinges are already installed.

Installation is done in 5 steps:

  • Fixing the motors and wheels with the elements provided
  • Fixing the control board
  • Fixing the indicator and cells
  • Wiring between all accessories and motors.
  • Remote control configuration and motor settings


There wheel motorization for gate is surely the best for all installations where standard motors are not suitable. If you have a slope, an opening to the outside, a very large opening, this is the automation mode that will be best suited.

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