FAAC, the best sliding and swing gate motors

The company FAAC, the acronym for Fabbrica Automatismi Apertura Cancelli, offers automation solutions both forresidential sector as well as for the collective and industrial. They are competent in pedestrian and vehicle access control.

FAAC brand logo

Faac motorization kit comparison, find the best price

Pioneer in gate motors, it was in 1965, in Italy, that the brand was born.

The observation is simple. Giuseppe Manini notes that private gates always remain open when the owners are away. Having to get out of the vehicle to close it puts off many people.

The same year the first FAAC product was born, an automatic handling system for gates: the 750 buried model. Subsequently, the company developed the 400 model, the first motor for swing gates.

The company today has many resources and employs more than 2,400 people. FAAC is one of the most renowned brands in the world with its 34 subsidiaries spread across 5 continents.

The company continues to innovate. Thousands of products have been developed over 50 years and 75 patents have been filed.

FAAC has been present in France since 1981. It is the second subsidiary established after Switzerland. It has become one of the most essential brands in gate motorization.

FAAC quality

The quality of FAAC products no longer needs to be proven for the Italian brand. The company invests heavily in technological innovation and has obtained numerous certifications.

For more than 50 years, the company has not lowered the quality of its products, on the contrary. All these efforts have made the reputation of high-end FAAC engines. All products are tested to meet the brand’s requirements.

The company is particularly renowned for its hydraulic systems.

Products designed to last

FAAC’s objective is clear: their product must last over time. Firstly for the ecological aspect but also to guarantee reliable engines to its customers.

Thus, the automations of this brand are designed to last a minimum of 15 years up to more than 20 years depending on each person’s use.

The brand’s big assets are maintenance and repairability. In fact, all FAAC products are repairable, even outside of warranty. A real ecological issue.

In addition, over the years and through research, FAAC has been able to reduce the energy consumption of its automation systems in order to have a lesser impact on the environment and allow users to save money.

FAAC specialist in gate motorization

This brand offers many solutions for sliding gates and swing gates. All their models are rather high-end.

FAAC motorization for swing gates

FAAC is renowned for its hydraulic motors. The most powerful cylinder model can operate swing gates up to 14 meters, or 7 meters in length per leaf.

For swing hinges, the company also offers hinged swing automations. The models can have a door leaf of 3 meters maximum.

True to the sources, ultra-discreet buried models can motorize swing gates measuring up to 4 meters per leaf.

Sliding gates: FAAC automation

The most powerful FAAC motors will be able to operate a sliding gate weighing up to 3500 kg.

Like all the brand’s models, the quality is impeccable. The automations are reliable and durable.

Accessories provided

When purchasing your FAAC engine, you will find all of the following accessories:

  • Actuators
  • Electronic
  • Photocells
  • Signal lamp
  • Remote

The best FAAC engines

FAAC C720 motor for sliding gate

THE FAAC C720 motorization kit suitable for all sliding gates up to 400 kg.

It offers a mechanical efficiency greater than 80% and is extremely robust.

The C720 model has a magnetic limit switch and a “master/slave” function.

For added safety, an anti-crushing device is fitted to the motor. The photocells stop and reverse the movement of the gate against an obstacle. This option is essential if you have children or pets.

FAAC 740 automation kit for sliding gate

The FAAC 740 automation is designed for sliding gates weighing up to 500 kg.

We find the standard safety options at FAAC, the anti-crushing device and obstacle detection. The photocells prevent the gate from continuing its movement if an obstacle presents itself. The travel of the gate is automatically reversed to avoid any accident. Slowing down at the end of the stroke is also standard on this model.

You can fully or partially open the gate. This option is called “pedestrian opening” and allows you to return on foot, by bike or by motorbike.

Depending on the gates, it is often advisable to install an electric lock. This allows the gate to be blocked when it is closed. The FAAC 740 motorization is equipped with a self-locking system. So you don’t have to install any additional items.

In the event of a power outage, it is still possible to manually unlock the gate in order to open it. A security key provided is required.

FAAC 391-390 articulated arm motorization for swing gate

FAAC motor with articulated arm 390 for swing gate

The 391 and 390 articulated arm automations are designed for swing gates. They can be suitable for a high frequency of use, up to 80 cycles per day. The robustness and quality of FAAC products are once again there.

The main difference between these two models is the length of the gates supported and the tension. The model 391 is a 24V motor and can equip gates up to 4 meters in length (2 meters per leaf) and 5 meters if an electric lock is added.

For its part, the automation kit FAAC 390 is a 230V motor. It is designed for gates of maximum 1.8 meters per leaf and up to 3 meters with electro-lock.

Once again we find the self-locking system. If your gate measures less than 8 meters for the FAAC 391 and less than 3.6 meters for the FAAC 390, the installation of an electric lock will not be necessary.

Mechanical stops are integrated on these two models. You will not have to install opening and closing stops on the floor. In addition, the slowdowns at the end of the stroke are programmable.

The 390 and 391 can be installed on large pillars. In addition, if your gate opens to the outside, which is rare and prohibited if you open onto a public road, these models are compatible.

In the event of a power outage, an optional backup battery can be added to ensure the gate operates until everything returns to normal. It will still be possible to manually unlock the gate.

The FAAC 390 automation is the best swing gate motorization.

Where to buy a FAAC engine?

FAAC does not have an online sales site and does not sell its products directly. On this subject, you will find all the product information on their website as well as brochures and manuals for each engine.

If it is not possible to order directly via the brand, it is possible to purchase an automation on the internet via their network of distributors.

The brand also has its specialized sales network. Many professionals offer the sale and installation of FAAC motors.

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The best brand of gate motorization?

Without a doubt, FAAC is one of the best gate automation brands. Today it is one of the world leaders. And for good reason, high-end products are very high quality and durable. The robustness of the products no longer needs to be proven.

The brand offers motors for swing gates, sliding gates and even buried models. You will never be disappointed by choosing FAAC.

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