Best actuator gate motorization, buying guide and comparison

The motorization of gates has established itself as an essential solution for combining security and comfort on a daily basis. Actuator systems, renowned for their robustness and reliability, are among the most popular options. In this article, we offer you an informed guide to choosing a cylinder gate motorization, supplemented with expert advice and a comparative table to guide you towards the most judicious choice.

To start

Gate automations with electromechanical actuator are cutting-edge systems which allow swing gates to be motorized, whether they are installed between pillars or on interior surfaces. These systems are distinguished from articulated arm automation and are increasingly preferred to hydraulic systems, which although powerful, are reserved for very intensive uses and are used less and less.

Comparison Table of the Best Actuator Motorizations

Why choose a cylinder motorization

Definition and Operation

Actuator actuators are electromechanical systems which use a motor to actuate a cylinder, thus allowing the opening and closing of the gate. These systems are particularly suitable for swing gates, offering discreet integration and significant traction force.

  • Benefits :
    • Sustainability : Designed to last at least 20 years, these systems represent a long-term investment, generally between €1000 and €2000.
    • Aesthetic : The actuators are often more discreet and integrate harmoniously with different styles of gates.
    • Security : Self-locking models provide additional security, locking the gate in the open or closed position.
  • Disadvantages :
    • Rigorous Installation : These systems require rigorous implementation to guarantee optimal longevity.
    • Maintenance : Some models require regular lubrication to ensure smooth operation.

Choice criteria for a cylinder motorization

When considering motorizing your gate, it is essential to take various elements into account to make the right choice. Here is a non-exhaustive list of criteria to consider:

  1. Length and Weight of the Leaves : Take into account the length of the longest leaf and the weight of each leaf to choose the appropriate automation range. The cylinders are generally designed for domestic gates weighing less than 200 kg or industrial gates weighing between 400 and 500 kg.
  2. Desired Degree of Openness : The maximum permissible opening degree is 120°, although the ideal is between 90° and 110°.
  3. Rating C : This is the distance between the axis of rotation of the gate and the interior edge of the pillar, influencing the minimum stroke of the cylinder. Particular attention must be paid to this measurement to ensure optimal operation.
  4. Number of Maneuvers per Day : Actuator motors can handle varying levels of daily use, depending on their voltage and design.
  5. Engine weight : An indicator of build quality, where higher weight can often indicate sturdier construction.

Where to find a cylinder motor kit?

You find kits on many DIY sites but also specialized sites like that we recommend


In conclusion, the choice of a cylinder gate motorization is a technical decision which requires careful consideration of various factors, including the weight of the leaf, the desired opening degree, and the C dimension. Taking into account the advice of With the expert advice and tips shared in this article, you are well equipped to make an informed choice.

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