Tutorial for replacing a gate motor

In this article we will show you the replacement of a Motostar swing gate motorization with a Somfy Evolvia motorization kit with three remote controls, a digital code, two photocells and of course the two motors.

To start, dismantling the old engines

gate with old motostar motorization
engine to disassemble

Dismantling of old engines

Remove the covers

Unscrew the tightening screws of the engine covers to be replaced.

Then remove themCut the power Before any work on the electrical part, cut off the power!

Unwiring all accessories

Since we don’t keep anything, we cut the wires and disconnect all the plugs. The goal is for automation to be free.

Engine disassembly

On Motostar engines, the engine is first separated from the plate with a 6 allen key on top and a 13 flat key below.

Dismantling the plate. Nothing could be simpler, we dismantle the plate which is fixed to the wall.

Disassemble all accessories. Then, you will need to dismantle all the accessories that you do not want to keep.

In our example, people bought a complete kit, so we can dismantle everything.

Kept the cables already installed

Installation of the motor kit

In our case, they purchased a Somfy Evolvia motorization kit. In the kit there are 2 motors, 2 detectors, 2 remote controls (they took an extra remote control), a disk to choose the right slopes and the backup battery

After opening the package and checking that all the elements are included, you will need to obtain fixings for the motors

Installation of the Somfy Evolvia motorization

Now that the two motors are installed, we will be able to raise the arms on each. See the following images

To fix the arms we recommend this type of screws for a gate with steel/aluminum reinforcements

Assembly of accessories from the somfy evolvia kit

photo of the accessories supplied with the somfy evolvia motor

As you can see, the cells need to be assembled yourself. The electronic part arrives in a separate box. It’s the same for the flashing light.

The assembly of the cells is very simple, we fix each support using dowels + screws. Here is the one we used:

To follow, simply install all other accessories. In our case, we installed the digital code outside (wireless) as well as the flashing lights in the location of the old rotating beacon.

Photo of the flashing light

Wiring of the Somfy Evolvia Star automation

For wiring, nothing could be simpler, just follow the plan provided in the instructions. This one is very clear.

You must not make a mistake between the two motors to be sure that the “M1” motor opens first and “M2” second.

Getting started, initializing, learning and operating

Before turning on the power, check everything you just did one last time.

  • Checking engine mountings
  • Checking the arm attachments
  • Accessory control
  • Checking the wiring using the diagram

If everything is ok, you can turn the power back on.

At this point, all you need to do is follow the instructions. But this is very simple, press button 1 once and the gate will open to the opening stop (either previously set or fixed on the ground). He will learn the “open” position. Then press once more to close it. The automation will learn the “closed” position. You will have to repeat the operation 3 times. Finally, the engine will go into “ok” mode. It will be usable directly.

Remote control settings

We would like to have opening in pedestrian mode as well as automatic closing of the gate. The operation is quick. Press the motor button for 2 seconds, then approach the remote control by clicking on button 2 (the one used for pedestrian opening). We repeat the operation for the three remote controls.

Digicode configuration

Here the operation is a little longer but doable. To begin, type the original code 0000 then “S”. Then, type your new secret code twice in a row, always pressing “S” between each entry.

You will need to place the digital code near the motor with which you want to pair it and carry out the manipulation described in the instructions.

Connecting the backup battery

Installing the battery backup is child’s play. We start by mounting the support, placing the battery in it, then connecting it to the automation.

The battery will be 100% operational after 48 hours of charging. She will be able to open the gate during a power outage. It is given for 10 opening and closing cycles.

Finalizing the installation

Now that everything is configured, you will be able to test the gate motorization. Complete the installation by closing the covers. Keep the instructions and the unlocking keys carefully.

Our opinion on the Evolvia swing gate motorization is available here.

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