Choosing your accessories with gate motorization

Control accessories: remote control

Wireless remote controls

THE wireless remote controls are the number one choice for many homeowners. They give you the freedom to open and close your gate without leaving the comfort of your car. Their installation is simple, and there are several models to suit your preferences.

Wired systems

Looking for a more permanent solution? THE wired systems are for you. Although they require initial installation, their reliability is unquestionable.

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Code keypads

THE code keypads are a practical solution for homes frequently visited by friends or family members. No need to hand out remote controls, a simple code is enough.

Safety accessories: guarantee risk-free use


THE photocells are your electronic eyes. They monitor the path to your gate and ensure that there are no obstacles there, thus protecting your property and your loved ones.

Safety edges

THE safety edges add an extra layer of security. As soon as they detect pressure, they stop the movement of the gate, avoiding any accident.

Flashing lights

THE flashing lights are essential to warn of activity on your portal. They inform pedestrians and vehicles of the imminent movement of the gate.

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Intercom and videophone systems

Knowing who is at your door before opening is now possible thanks to intercoms and videophones. Communicate and visualize your visitors for optimal security.

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Accessories for optimized use

Backup battery

With a backup battery, power outages are no longer a problem. Ensure the continued operation of your gate, even in the event of unforeseen events.

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Zone lighting control

L’area lighting is essential for nighttime use. It guarantees perfect visibility when approaching and leaving your property.

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Dry contact relay

With the dry contact relay, integrate your portal into your overall home automation system. Centralize the management of your home for a seamless experience.

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Additional antenna

Extend the range of your remote control with a additional antenna. Ideal for large properties.

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Alternative energies and ecology

Solar kit

Opt for a green solution with solar kit. Power your gate motor with solar energy, an option that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

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Other accessories to improve everyday life


A gate provides quick access for pedestrians without having to open the main gate. A practical and aesthetic solution.

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Integrated mailbox

Centralize the reception of your mail with a integrated mailbox to your portal. Practical, it saves you long trips.

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How to choose the right accessories?

Each gate and each property is unique. It is essential to choose accessories adapted to your needs, your type of gate and your budget. Also make sure they are compatible with your current motor system.

1. Assess your needs

First of all, ask yourself the right questions:

  • Frequency of use : Do you use your portal several times a day or only occasionally?
  • Security : Are there children or animals around that could be near the gate?
  • Comfort : Do you want to control your gate remotely or do you prefer a wired solution?
  • Energy : Do you have access to a nearby electricity grid or are you considering a solar solution?

2. Ensure Compatibility

Not all accessories are compatible with all types of engines. Make sure the accessories you choose work well with your specific engine model. Would you like to know if the accessories are compatible? Go to the manufacturers’ website, they detail the suitable and also universal solutions.

3. Prioritize safety

Safety should always be a priority. Opt for accessories such as:

  • Photocells to detect obstructions.
  • Safety edges to avoid crushing.
  • Flashing lights to warn of gate movement.

4. Think about comfort of use

Accessories like wireless remote controls, THE code keypads where the intercoms can greatly improve your daily experience.

5. Consider eco-friendly solutions

If you are concerned about the environment or do not have easy access to electricity, a solar kit could be an excellent option to power your engine.

6. Don’t forget about maintenance

Some accessories may require more maintenance than others. Consider durability and ease of maintenance when making your selection.

7. Set a budget

There is a wide range of accessories, from the most basic to the most technologically advanced. Set a budget in advance for your motorization project and look for the best products in this price range.

8. Ask for advice

If you’re unsure or overwhelmed by the options, don’t hesitate to consult a professional or read reviews online to get an idea of ​​the best accessories for your situation.

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