What is the budget for an electric gate motorization?

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Before motorizing the gate

Before motorizing a gate, you must ask yourself if it can be automated. To begin with, is it robust enough to install a motor? Are the hinges in good condition? You must ensure that the leaf(s) are in good condition and well secured.

Elements to take into account in the budget

1) The type of engine

The type of engine will have a direct influence on the price.

Swing gate motorization budget

Wheel and arm motors are the least expensive with an average between €300 and €1500. Actuator motors cost between €400 and €1500. The most expensive automation is buried motorization where you have to plan a budget of €800 to €3000.

Sliding gate motorization budget

For the sliding gates, wheel motors are the least expensive with a price between €300 and €1000. Rack and pinion motors cost between €350 and €1500

2) The brand

There brand of automation will also have a big role in the final budget. Brands like SCS Sentinel or Avidsen will be more affordable than Somfy or Nice. Came and BFT remain the top of the range and will therefore be more expensive.

3) Labor

Labor cannot be neglected. If you are having your motorization installed, the configuration of the installation and the accessories to be installed will increase the time on site and therefore the final budget.

Installation configuration

Here are the points to take into account:

  • Wired or connected installation
  • Home automation networks
  • Electricity to pull up to the gate
  • Solar motorization
  • Masonry

Each point can increase labor cost.

Accessories and the related budget

  • Videophones with a recorded price of €300.
  • Battery and solar panels with a price of €400 to €1000.
  • Digicode for €100

The final budget to plan

Simple installations will cost you on average €850, while more complex installations will cost €1500 to €3000.

Are you planning to motorize your sliding gate? It is important to know the associated costs and compare the available options. To help you estimate your budget and choose the best solution, consult our article on best motor for sliding gate and find the model that suits you best.

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