Swing gate buried motor

THE buried motors for battan gatet are renowned for their discretion and power. They are simply the best engines.

We will see what are advantages And the inconvenients of these automations as well as the best models. We will then see what are the criteria in your choice and the accessories provided.

Finally, we will say a few words about installation.

The best buried motorizations for swing gates.

Why choose a buried motor?

The main advantage of the buried motorization is it discretion and his aestheticism. The motor being in the ground, the gate is not distorted, on the contrary it is enhanced. This is not the case for arm automations, not very aesthetic. If you have an old gate, this is ideal.

In addition, the mechanism does not take up space in your entryway. The motor can be installed next to a wall.

Thanks to their design, these engines have a opening angle very large. We will see, some models can open up to 180°.

In addition, all types of gates can be equipped with these motors: PVC, aluminum, wooden or iron gate. The heaviest and bulkiest gates are also compatible.

Finally, buried motors are durable, reliable and robust. Buried in the ground, the motors are protected. The risk of breakdown is significantly reduced.

What are the disadvantages of a buried engine?

Buried motors are synonymous with masonry. In fact, the integration work is much more important than more traditional motorizations such as motorized arms or cylinders. This requires making a trench as well as concrete. The installation time will also not be the same.

In addition, you will necessarily have to have knowledge of electricity in order to make the connection.

Installing a buried engine is not recommended for existing gates if you are not a handyman. The ideal is to install both the gate and the motor in order to limit the difficulty.

On the other hand, this type of engine is pretty expensive. To this must be added the price of the work and any labor.

Presentation of buried motorization models for swing gates

The CAME FROG-A buried automation

Engine buried in FROG A cam box

The buried kit CAME FROG-A is intended for residential and collective application. It is designed for double leaf gates up to 7 meters in length, or 3.5 meters per leaf and can support a gate weighing 800 kg per leaf maximum.

The engine is located in a stainless steel box. The coating offers high resistance to corrosion. The automation is completely waterproof and resistant to all weather conditions.

Maximum opening of this buried system is 120° but can be 180° with the addition of an accessory. If you have a spacious entrance, this is ideal.

If buried motors require small masonry, you will not have to add floor stops. The CAME FROG-A has integrated stops and mechanical limit switches adjustable.

The 24V version of the automation can be coupled with emergency batteries taking over in the event of a power outage. This is not the case for the 230V version.

In this regard, in the event of a power outage, the motor unlocks immediately. After manual unlocking, the CAME FROG-A automatically resets.

CAME FROG-A customer review

CAME’s buried automation is recommended by many users. The feedback is very good.

  • High performance
  • Unlocking with lever key is a plus

NICE Metro: The buried motor for heavy gates

underground motorization nice metro

The automation for buried swing gates is designed for heavy gates of 7 meters maximum, or up to 3.5 meters per leaf.

The steel box has undergone an anti-corrosion treatment for foolproof use.

It is possible to disengage the engine from the inside or outside using a wrench or lever.

THE NICE Metro has the slowdown at the end of the race, of total or partial opening, called pedestrian opening and a magnetic encoder which allows you to know the position. Furthermore, the opening speed is adjustable. This allows you to adapt the speed to your needs and situation. A quick opening will be useful if your gate is located near a busy road.

The standard aperture is 110° but it is possible to increase the field using an optional accessory. This allows you to achieve an angle of 360°.

THE photocells allow the motorization to order the gate to close automatically after the vehicle has passed. In addition, they detect obstacles and reverse the path of the gate to avoid any domestic accidents.

The 24V motorization allows you to add a backup battery optional to guarantee the operation of the gate even in the event of a power outage. THE NICE Metro also has a power saving mode.

It is the ideal buried motor for heavy gates and intensive use.

What NICE Metro customers say:

  • Easy to install
  • Very robust

The motor for buried gate FAAC 770

FAAC 770 gate motorization

The buried engine FAAC 770 is intended for domestic swing gates. Gates must not exceed 7 meters in length (3.5 meters per leaf) and weigh 500 kg maximum.

A new time, opening up to 180° is possible with an accessory.

The system is very robust and durable. The box is made of stainless steel to protect against bad weather.

The 230V motor is equipped with manual unlocking with double lever. It is possible to unblock the gate from inside or outside the property.

Among the options, we find the self-locking system, which avoids the addition of a lock, reversal on obstacle for safety.

User opinion of the FAAC model:

  • Boxes not provided. Don’t forget to order them separately.

The BFT ELI buried motorization

BFT ELI buried automation for swing gate

Buried automation BFT ELI is designed for swing gates up to 4 meters in length, or 2 meters per leaf, and weighing 400 kg maximum, or 200 kg per leaf.

Unlike the FAAC, CAME and NICE models, this model opens to 120° maximum. It is not possible to open to a greater angle with an accessory.

The opening is done in just 10 seconds for 90° opening.

The motor is irreversible. THE magnetic limit switches allow great precision. Mechanical stops will save you from installing floor stops.

Automation BFT ELI is one of the best buried gate motors.

Customer reviews of the BFT ELI engine:

  • Precise motor
  • Very reliable

Criteria for choosing an underground motorization

Terrain type

Buried motors require land suitable for masonry. In fact, you will have to dig in order to insert the automation into the ground. If your floor is too hard it can quickly become complicated. Additionally, it is preferable that there is no concrete footing. This avoids having to break up your existing floor.

Gate weight and dimensions

These engines are very powerful. As we saw above, gates of 7 meters in length and 500 kg can be transported without problem. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations to find out the dimensions and weight admissible for the motor.

Buried automations are suitable for collective and intensive applications.

Motor voltage

Due to their power and reliability, you will not find a 12V motor.

Your choice will be 24V and 230V motors.

THE 24V motors are designed for intensive use. If you want to add a battery backup, this is ideal.

As to 230V motors, they are very powerful and particularly suitable for heavy gates. Photocells are mandatory on these models.

Compatible with all types of gate

Buried gate automations are placed in the ground. They don’t need support. You also don’t have to reinforce your gate because it won’t be constrained. No effort is incurred.

In addition, you can install the motor next to a wall or large pillars.

These motors are powerful, so whether you have a wrought iron, PVC, aluminum or wooden gate, this will not pose a problem.

As we saw above, heavy and bulky gates are compatible.

Maximum opening angle

The opening angle of buried motors is 90° to 180°. Carefully consult the manufacturer’s instructions when making your choice because some models need an additional kit to go up to 180°.

What accessories are provided? Optional ?

Accessories for buried motors

You can add many accessories to your buried gate motorization.

First of all, check that all the essential accessories are provided, in particular the boxes to bury the motors as this can quickly become expensive as well.

Automatic gate remote control

The remote control is provided in your automation kit. It allows you to control the gate remotely. If you wish to purchase additional remote controls, we advise you to choose the same brand as your engine.


Flashing lights warn passers-by and road users that a vehicle may leave the property. When you press the remote control, the signal lamp lights up. This is mandatory as soon as a gate opens onto the public highway.

Photocells for electric gate

Photocells are essential for personal safety. When faced with an obstacle, they order the gate to be reversed in order to avoid a collision.

Optional accessories

You can add many options to your buried automation.

Key box for gate opening

The code box, Or key switch, allows you to open and close a gate using a key. In the event of a power outage, this will also allow you to operate your electric gate. It is cheaper to make a duplicate key rather than collecting remote controls. If multiple people need to be able to access your property, this can be helpful.

The transponder box with badge or key will have the same functions but with a badge or a key.

For his part, the digital code, offers the same system but with a numeric keypad. A secret code allows trusted people to open your gate. The digital code avoids having several remote controls or keys and the risk of loss that this creates. If you have children who tend to lose their things, the digital code may be a solution.

The intercom has a microphone and speakers. It allows you to interact with the visitor before opening the portal. The videophone is equipped with a camera to see the person who presents themselves.

Mechanical limit switches are standard on most models. These are sensors which detect the end of the gate’s stroke and allow the gate to be stopped before it forces itself.

Integrated stops avoid installing floor stops. The gate forces itself on it before it stops.

If you have a large driveway, a wooded park or if you are close to a busy street, adding a antenna increases communication between the remote control and the motor.

Depending on your configuration, access to electricity can be complicated. You can then opt for a solar panel coupled to a battery. Your automation will then be energy self-sufficient.

Finally, the backup battery is essential during power outages. The battery is capable of supporting around ten opening/closing cycles.

Total or partial opening?

Most engines have partial opening. If you need to pass on foot, motorbike or bicycle, the pedestrian opening is very useful. This allows the gate to be partially opened.

Manually unlockable?

Unlocking with a key is recommended as it is the most secure solution. Indeed, to release the gate, in the event of a power cut or malfunction, a key will be necessary.

For its part, the lever allows you to easily release the gate. But the absence of a key makes this system less secure.

Is it easy to install?

This is the most complicated type of motorization to install. Installation requires knowledge of masonry, mechanics and also electricity. If you’re a savvy DIYer and don’t mind these terms, you should be fine. Otherwise, it is safer to call a technician.

It’s simply the best motorization for swing gates.

When installing, make sure drainage water so as not to flood the case. Even if they are weather resistant, it is essential to protect them as much as possible to increase the longevity of the engines.

Also pay attention to the level of your installation. Too deep, you will not be able to connect the motor to your gate. Too high, your gate risks touching the box. Finally, if the housing is not level, the motor may strain.

Follow the instructions on the leaflet carefully because each model is different.

The masonry and mechanical parts are the most important stages.

Electricity is very easy to implement. The models have an automatic wireless connection. The wires with connector are colored so as not to mislead you.

Our Verdict

Buried automations are very aesthetic. They do not distort your portal.

Additionally, they are very powerful and reliable. Their precision is one of their great qualities.

On the other hand, it is the hardest system to install. If you are not a handyman, the intervention of a professional will be necessary.

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