BFT: opinions on the brand’s gate motorization

Discover the best BFT gate motorizations, a brand of the Somfy group. Electric swing gates, sliding gates, the Italian brand offers a complete range of automation to meet everyone’s requirements.

Presentation of the BFT company

BFT is an international company which, like many players in the gate automation sector, was founded in Thiene in Italy. In 1981, BFT is dedicated exclusively to residential access management. By innovating for many years, the brand has developed to today offer access control and security solutions, whether residential, industrial or urban.

Since 2004, BFT has been part of the group Somfy, the world leader in home and building automation.

BFT quality

The gate automation company, BFT, offers reliable and quality products. THE gate motors are both robust and powerful to last for many years.

BFT is very close to its customers. There is a suitable gate motor for every use.


THE sliding or swing gate motors BFT have many advantages.

First of all, the motor and arm assembly for swing gates, and the motor for sliding gates are very aesthetic. They are modern, simple and refined. Motorizing your gate will not distort it.

BFT products are renowned for their ergonomics and ease of use. From installation to use, handling is made easy.

In addition, BFT offers a wide choice of engines. This point is essential. Whatever type of gate you have, wooden, PVC or aluminum, sliding or swing gate, you will inevitably find the suitable automation.

The quality to price ratio is excellent. The warranty is 30 months.

The inconvenients

If you choose a BFT automation adapted to your gate, you will not encounter any operating problems. When choosing a gate motor, ensure compatibility in terms of the weight and length of your gate. If the engine is not suitable, it could wear out prematurely.

BFT gate motorization range

As we have seen, BFT offers a complete range ofgate automation. The Italian brand equips both swing gates, with electromechanical and hydraulic motors, and sliding gates.

Swing gate motors

Electromechanical motors

Products Phobos AC And Phobos BT have electromechanical actuators for residential use. Obstacle detection guarantees personal safety. Installation and connection are made easy.

Automation Kustos BT And Kusto Ultra BT are simple to install and start up thanks to numerous solutions such as the shrouded endless screw or magnetic limit switches.

The model Virgo Smart BT with articulated arm mechanism is the ideal solution for all gates for residential use.

Irreversible 24 Volt electromagnetic operators Igea BT with articulated arms are ideal for installation on large pillars. The opening can be up to 125°.

Range Hide is very discreet. Its objective is to blend into the decor by integrating completely into the uprights of the swing gates while being efficient.

The model BFT E5 BT is intended for residential and collective use. It is very compact, which allows it to be installed on small pillars.

Range ELI AC offers buried gate motors irreversible.

Hydraulic automation

Hydraulic automation systems for swing gates are intended for intensive use.

The ranges Giuno Ultra, ORO, LUX And P7 are equipped with compact and robust hydraulic cylinders. The engine is powerful.

Range SUB offers a buried motor for intensive collective use. Both compact and robust, they can support swing gates up to 3.5 meters and weighing up to 800 kg.

Sliding gate motors

The choice for sliding gates is also varied.

Range Deimos is designed for residential use. Gates must not exceed 600 kg.

Range Ares Ultra for intensive use is aimed at sliding gates up to 1500 kg.

Finally, the range Icaro is business or residential oriented. The motor is extremely robust and suitable for gates weighing up to 2000 kg. It is designed for very intensive use.

The best gate motors from the BFT brand

Here are the best BFT gate motors, if you wish we have a page to compare the best engine brands.

Virgo Smart BT A20 kit for swing gate

virgo smart BFT complete kit for swing gate

THE Virgo Smart BT A20 BFT automation kit is designed for swing gates. The motor is capable of supporting a gate weighing up to 200 kg and with a maximum length of 4 meters, or 2 meters per leaf.

The 24 Volt motorization is intended for semi-intensive use. The maneuvering time is 14 seconds. This model is equipped with anti-crush safety.

In the kit, we find the 2 irreversible electromechanical operators for each leaf, a control cabinet, photocells, a flashing light and 2 remote controls.

Phobos BT A40 kit for swing gate

phobos swing gate automation from the bft brand

THE BFT Phobos BT A40 motorization kit for swing gate is suitable for long and heavy gates.

Its 230 Volt motorization makes it possible to equip gates weighing up to 500 kg and up to 5 meters in length.

The kit includes 2 operators, a control cabinet, photocells, flashing light with antenna, 2 remote controls and all mounting accessories.

ORO Hydraulic kit for swing gate

ORO model is a hydraulic assembly for swing gates

THE BFT ORO hydraulic kit blocking is intended for swing gates. It can support a gate weighing up to 180 kg and 3.60 meters in length, or 1.8 meters per leaf. The arms are hydraulic.

The kit includes 2 hydraulic operators, a control cabinet, photocells, flashing light with antenna, 2 remote controls and mounting accessories.

Deimos BT A400 kit for sliding gate

Deimos BT A400 kit for sliding gate

THE 24 Volt motorization kit BFT Deimos BT A400 for sliding gate supports up to 400 kg.

There are several options including pedestrian opening, electromechanical limit switch or automatic closing for example.

The kit includes the motorization, a flashing light with antenna, photocells and 2 remote controls. Mounting accessories and instructions are provided.

Deimos AC A600 kit for sliding gate

Complete kit AC A 600 DEIMOS BFT

THE BFT Deimos AC A600 automation kit is designedfor automatic sliding gates. The 230 Volt motorization supports a sliding gate of up to 600 kg.

We find the same elements in the kit: the motor, a flashing light with antenna, photocells and 2 remote controls. Mounting accessories and instructions are provided.

All BFT gate motors presented are guaranteed for 30 months.

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THE automation kits for BFT gate are very reliable and the quality is there. The range is very wide, you will inevitably find a motor suitable for your sliding or swing gate. Electromechanical or hydraulic automation, find the best BFT motors.

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