Self-supporting sliding gate motor

Have you decided to install a motor on your self-supporting sliding gate? On this page, we have described the essential characteristics to make your choice. We explain the installation, operation, advantages and disadvantages.

How does a self-supporting gate work?

functioning self-supporting sliding aluminum gate

The principle is simple, the gate moves sideways manually or using a motor. The big difference with a sliding gate on rails is the absence of a track on the ground. The leaf is suspended, so it does not touch the ground during its travel. This is also one of the great advantages of this type of portal.

Originally, they are intended for companies that regularly have heavy goods vehicle traffic. This can damage the floor rail. With a self-supporting gate, the opening passage is freed from the rail. This type of opening is becoming more and more appreciated by individuals for its robustness, but also for its aesthetics. The aisle is not cut by a rail right in the middle.

Self-supporting sliding gate motors offer great flexibility. For an analysis of the best solutions available, see our detailed guide on best motorization for sliding gate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Self-supporting sliding iron gate

The advantages of a motorized self-supporting sliding gate

There are many advantages to having a motorized freestanding gate.

The first is that there is no floor rail. That avoids major masonry work. Moreover, aesthetics of your driveway is preserved. In the same spirit, the buried gate automation preserve aesthetics while motorizing your gate reliably.

In addition, the absence of rail allows relatively easy movement. silent and the leaf will never be blocked by a stone in the way.

Then, it is ideal for uneven terrain. He … not don’t touch the ground, so regardless of the covering, the self-supporting gate will not be affected in its course.

Side opening is an advantage. The opening surface is much smaller than with hinged leaves.

To finish, engine maintenance, like the portal, is almost zero. These systems are very robust, which is why they are used in industry.

The disadvantages of a motorized self-supporting sliding gate

The main disadvantage is that it will still be necessary to do masonry to create the concrete screed.

The leaf must be longer than the opening between the pillars. Must therefore plan this length in the horizontal clearance.

Finally, the engine is a little more expensive than for a swing gate.

How to choose the motorization kit for a self-supporting gate?

Depending on the portal

To define the motor you will need, you will need to start by knowing your gate. You will need the dimensions of the leaf and its weight. This will be used to determine the engine power and opening stroke.

Power supply

You already have a power supply near your future engine? In this case, do not hesitate, use it to power your automation system. Motors connected directly to the mains will be powerful and easy to maintain.

If your gate is located far from the home, you have two options.

Either your meter is not far away and you can connect a box above.

Either you can opt for a solar gate automation. It is therefore the batteries which will provide the current to operate the leaf. The sun will recharge the batteries throughout the day. It is possible to couple two panels on certain models to guarantee maximum load all year round.

Self-locking or reversible motor


The self-locking motor is not reversible. In other words, the motorization can operate the leaf, but you cannot operate it without unlocking it.

You will choose this configuration if you want a completely autonomous and secure portal.


The reversible motor will allow the gate to be moved manually, in any condition. However, you will need to add an electric lock to ensure security in your home.

The accessories

The list of accessories for sliding self-supporting gates is very long. We will start with the essentials then the optional ones.

Essential accessories

The remote control

It allows you to control your gate remotely, the remote control is provided in all automation kits.

The racks

Essential for motorizing the self-supporting gate, the rack is fixed to the leaf. It will allow the motor pinion to drive the movement of the gate. Check that you have enough rack length for your leaf.


Photocells guarantee the safety of people and animals. They detect the presence of elements in the portal passage.

The signal lamp

The signal lamp is mandatory to warn of the movement of the self-supporting gate.

Optional accessories

Backup battery

If you have a power outage, the backup battery grants between 5 and 10 openings. It is optional, but will become essential if the portal is your only access point.

The solar panel

You must combine a solar panel with a battery and your automatic opening will be completely autonomous. There are all-in-one kits with batteries and solar panels.

Intercom, digital code

This is the communication part. Thanks to the intercom, you will be able to communicate with your visitors and open the gate remotely.

As for digital codes, they are used to open with the help of a code. This saves you from lending a remote control to someone who needs access to your home.


The antenna is only used if the range of the remote control is not suitable for you. We recommend adding an antenna in wooded areas or in town when there are fairly dense buildings.

Which self-supporting gate motorization to choose?

We only recommend reputable brands so as not to have concerns about reliability and optimal performance.

Somfy Slidymoove 300 and 600

sliding gate motorization slideymoove 600

Cam BX74

self-supporting gate motor and accessory cam bx74

SCS Sentinel OpenGate 3

scs sentinel opengate 3 engine

Nice robus 400

nice robus 400 engine

How to install a self-supporting gate motorization?

A well-installed engine to last for decades with very little maintenance. This is why we advise you to assemble the engine in strict compliance with the instructions.

Here is the list of steps for assembling a self-supporting sliding gate motor:

Necessary time : 1 day.

Installation of self-supporting sliding gate motorization

  1. Prepare the motor location

    Pour a slab of the required dimensions to secure the motor to the ground.

  2. Secure the motor

    Secure the motor to the ground using the fixings provided.

  3. Install the rack on the leaf

    Fix the rack on the gate respecting the heights indicated in the instructions.

  4. Install the accessories

    Position and secure the photocells, the rotating beacon and all your accessories.

  5. Connect electrically

    Electrically connect all the elements together according to the wiring plan.

  6. Configure and test operation

    Configure the remote control and the gate limit switches.
    Test the operation of the portal.

You can call on a professional to install the motorization. Request a quote and compare craftsmen to choose the one that suits you best.


How to transform a sliding gate into a self-supporting one?

It is possible to transform a sliding gate into a self-supporting one, but it will still require major work.
You will need to create a counterweight on the leaf, also called a triangulated tail.
Remove the slider rail.
Make a concrete slab to attach the motor.

How does a self-supporting sliding gate work?

The freestanding sliding gate works the same as a sliding gate, but without the support rail. This support is made by the triangulated tail of the gate which will be held on the ground by the post.

Where to place the sliding gate motor?

The motor is placed on the side where the gate enters. It can be integrated into the pillar in certain installations.

How to calculate the length of a self-supporting gate?

There length of a self-supporting gate is the length between the pillars to which we add 27% length.

How to install a gate without a pillar?

There are freestanding gates that come with prefabricated posts. You simply have two holes to dig and concrete. Then you attach the posts.
There is no pillar to build. Additionally, the motor can be integrated into the post.


To choose a self-supporting sliding gate motor, you will need to be vigilant on certain points such as having a motor suitable for the gate. This type of engine is a little more expensive, but is very robust and quiet. Call a professional if you are concerned about the installation. Are you a handyman? The installation will be easy for you.

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