OPENGATE 3, our opinion on the motorization of the SCS Sentinel brand

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If you need a motor for your sliding gate, the OpenGate 3 motorization from the SCS Sentinel brand is very affordable and reliable. Its installation is simple and quick. Check out our guide to find out more.

complete scs sentinel motorization kit for opengate 3 sliding gate
  • Rack and pinion motorization
  • Sliding gate 5m and up to 500 kg
  • Motor voltage: 24V
  • 2 remote controls provided
  • Opens in 15 seconds

The OPENGATE 3 model offers interesting features for your sliding gate. To make sure it is the best choice, it is important to compare it to other engines. Discover our complete guide to best motors for sliding gates and find the one that best suits your needs.

Presentation of the SCS Sentinel brand

Consult directly our opinion on SCS Sentinel gate motors.

Detailed product description

The composition of the Opengate 3 kit

This set is composed of the following elements:

  • A motor
  • 4 meters of rack (guilty to the length of your gate)
  • 2 433 MHz remote controls
  • 1 flashing light
  • 2 infrared photocells

Installation of the SCS Sentinel Opengate 3 automation

Installation of this system is relatively simple. This motorization can be installed on the left or right. The first step consists of fixing the motor to the ground as well as the rack on the gate. A template is provided to facilitate fixing. Then, electrically connect the elements and accessories together using the wiring diagram. Finally, program and synchronize the automation.

Concerning the cable, have no fear, the terminal blocks are colored so as not to make a mistake.

All this is very simple to do, especially with the help of the assembly instructions.


Daily use is very simple and comfortable. The motor is very quiet compared to other brands.

This kit is suitable for all gates. In addition, it will not damage the gate knowing that there is a reduction in speed when opening and closing.

It has a pedestrian opening to allow someone to pass or enter without opening the gate completely. The gate closes automatically after an adjustable time. If an obstacle is in its path, it will stop with anti-obstacle detection.

The opening speed is around 15 seconds, which is pretty fast.

Our opinion on the OpenGate 3 motorization

This motorization is very simple to install and comfortable to use. In addition, the Opengate 3 kit is offered at a very attractive price. We can only recommend this engine to you.

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