Layout plan for electrical conduits for sliding gate

Do you want to install a motorized sliding gate? Start by drawing up the installation plan for the electrical conduits. This plan is essential for passing the ducts into the threshold and through the posts.

Define what you install

To begin, it is important to know all the elements that you are going to install during the installation of your sliding gate and know their power supply needs.

The complete motorization kits are supplied with technical documents which allow you to know the location and number of ducts to pass.

Here is the list of the most commonly installed elements for a sliding gate:

  • Engine
  • An intercom
  • A set of 2 cells
  • An electric strike
  • A rotating beacon and antenna

We will start with powering the electric gate.

Power supply for the sliding gate

The general power supply for your gate will go from the house’s distribution board to powering the motorization. You will need to install a suitable circuit breaker, pass a conduit to your automation then pass the wires for the power supply.

Which circuit breaker for electric gate?

The electrical circuit of an automatic gate is classified among the specialized circuits. That is to say, it is mandatory to have a circuit breaker dedicated to this circuit.

A 10 A circuit breaker is in the majority of cases the most suitable. The power of a sliding gate motor is quite low.

Below you have a selection of circuit breakers suitable for gate motors.

Which sheath to choose?

Wondering how to get electricity to a gate? It’s easy, with an electrical conduit.

The regulations impose a TCP sheath with a diameter of 40 mm, red color for power supply. And a sheath TCP with a diameter of 40 mm, green color for connection with the intercom.

The two ducts must be buried 50 cm deep, covered with sand and a red warning net.

The other sheaths used for passage of accessory cables will be done with 20mm ICT sheaths.

Which cable for a sliding gate motorization?

To choose the cable, please refer to your instructions. We note that wires with diameters of 1.5 mm2 are sufficient for a distance less than 30 m. Beyond 30 m, choose wires with a diameter of 2.5 mm2. The cable type will be H05RN-F.

The layout plan for electrical conduits for a sliding gate

layout plan for electrical conduits for sliding gate

Here is an example of a layout plan. Please note, this may differ depending on the different engines. But this plan gives you an idea of ​​the overall structure.

To begin, define the location of the 230V power supply. It will arrive either at the motor directly or at a control cabinet. You will need a conduit for the intercom which will also reach the same level as the general power supply.

Next, define the number of outlet conduits you will need for your accessories.

The ducts for the cells reach approximately 50 cm in height on the pillars of your gate. As for the rotating beacon, it will be installed above the pillar. The intercom and the digital code will be placed in the location of your choice; we recommend a height of between 120 cm and 140 cm.

The correct installation of electrical conduits is essential for the motorization of gates. To complete your knowledge of the most efficient engines, discover our selection of best motors for sliding gates.

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