FAAC 391, the automation for swing gates

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Are you wondering about the quality of the FAAC 391 engine? In this article, we present this automation to you, we detail the functions and the installation.

  • 24 Volt motorization
  • Leaf up to 2.5 meters wide
  • Gate weight up to 200 kg
  • Compact design

Presentation of the brand

To learn more about the brand, we make the presentation and give our review of Faac. You will find the quality of the products, the range as well as our opinion on the whole.

Detailed product description

Scope of delivery

In the package you will receive everything you need to motorize your gate. Here is the detailed list of elements:

  • The two articulated arm motors
  • Three FAAC remote controls
  • The electronic control card
  • The pair of photocells
  • A radio receiver
  • Instructions for using and installing the automation

With all these elements you will be able to automate your gate safely and easily.


Regarding the installation, it is relatively easy and is done in three steps. The first consists of mechanically installing the motor, the photocells and the control box.

Then, you will need to electrically connect all the accessories up to the electronic control card, then power the motor with the general power supply of the house.

Finally, you will need to configure the automation as you want it to work. For this operation, simply follow the instructions step by step. This is done very easily.

The installation can be done by you or by a professional if you are not at all handy.


This FAAC motorization comes with all the elements to secure and automate your gate. It is suitable for gates up to 5 meters wide and up to 200 kg. 24 V motors are reliable and powerful while being very safe. For us, this is the best voltage to choose for domestic use.

This automation is given for 80 cycles per day. In other words, for an individual, it will easily last several decades if maintenance and installation are done correctly.

The electronic control allows you to adjust the opening and closing. The latter are thus adjustable in force and speed, but also acceleration and deceleration at the end of the stroke. You can also choose to open the gate to the outside depending on the configuration of your entrance and to open it partially to pass on foot.

If you need to open the gate manually, for example during a power outage, a personalized key will unlock the motor. Since it’s not a standard key, security is quite high. To prevent power outages, you can also opt for a solar panel and a backup battery so you can use your gate without electricity.

The interview

Every six months, it is recommended to check the installation, whether the connections or the general condition of the mechanics and fixings. We advise you to deal with each small defect as soon as it appears otherwise it risks getting worse.

Our opinion on the FAAC 391 articulated arm motorization

Very renowned, the FAAC brand never disappoints. The quality is there once again and this FAAC 391 motor with articulated arms will be suitable for all gates not exceeding 5 meters. All accessories required for installation are provided. We highly recommend this model.

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