FAAC C720 & C721 motorization for sliding gate

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In this review, we will deal with the two FAAC C720 and C721 engines. Being very close to each other, we will simply note the notable differences.


  • 24 Volt motor
  • 170 W power
  • Gate up to 15 meters in length
  • Leaf up to 400 Kg
  • Opening speed 18 m/s


  • 24 Volt motor
  • Power of 290 W
  • For a gate of 15 meters maximum
  • Leaf up to 800 Kg
  • Opening speed 18 m/s

Presentation of the brand

To learn more about the brand, we make the presentation and give our review of Faac. You will find the quality of the products, the range as well as our opinion on the whole.

Detailed product description

We will start by detailing the content delivered, then we will give our opinion on the motorization itself and its use. Finally, we will see where to buy it at the best price.

The contents

In the FAAC kits called CYCLO Integral, you will find the C720 and C721 operators depending on the power required. In any case, you will have the following elements:

  • The FAAC C720 or C721 engine with their integrated control board
  • 1 XF 868 MHz frequency module
  • 2 remote controls 4 channels 868 MHz XT4 868 SLH
  • 1 motor mounting plate
  • 1 XLED flashing light
  • 1 pair of XP20BD photocells

The motor will obviously be used to motorize your gate, it will be securely fixed to the ground with the motor mounting plate. The frequency module allows you to connect the remote controls in order to control the opening remotely.

The photocells and the flashing LED lamp serve to ensure the safety of your gate and people. The detectors will prevent the movement of the leaf if an object or a person is in the movement zone of the gate. The signal lamp will alert road users of the opening and exit of a vehicle.

Use and quality of the product

These two engines from the brand are very renowned among automation professionals. This is why we present them to you in this article.

The difference between FAAC C720 and C721

The main difference between these two engines is in terms of power. The C720 will be suitable for a 400 kg leaf, while the C721 will be suitable for an 800 kg leaf.

This difference in power is found in the size. The C721 is taller than the C720.


To begin with, this engine is reliable and robust. The output pinion is sufficiently well dimensioned to transmit a significant effort but above all silently.

If you have to open your gate manually, this will be done using a release lever. It’s not the most secure, but it is very practical on a daily basis. It is possible to opt for a backup battery to use your electric gate even during a power outage.

The pedestrian opening is adjustable from 0 to 98%. You choose in the settings the amplitude that suits you best. Either to go on foot, by motorbike or with your dog for example.

For your safety, the automation goes in the opposite direction if it encounters an obstacle. The photocells deactivate the closure if an object is in the gate passage.

For the safety of your property, the motor is irreversible. That is to say, once it is no longer electrically powered, it is impossible to operate the gate by hand. This way, no one will be able to enter your home by sliding your gate.

Since this motor is 24 V, it is entirely possible to power it with solar panels and a dedicated battery. This is ideal if your opening is far from your home or it is difficult to bring the electrical power to the automation.

Our advices

First, consider purchasing the right rack length for your gate. There are steel and nylon racks.

The steel rack is strong and durable, but noisy.

The nylon rack is less resistant, but very quiet. Some nylon racks have a steel core to reinforce them.

For this motorization, you will need module 4 racks.

Where to buy the FAAC C720 or C721 engine

FAAC motors are available in many stores such as Leroy Merlin. You will find many sites online, we advise you to compare prices because there are regularly interesting promotions.

See the best offers of the moment:

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