ROBUS 600, our opinion on the sliding gate motorization from the Nice brand

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Big brother of the ROBUS 400, the ROBUS 600 kit is designed for sliding gates up to 600 kg. This is the ideal model if you are looking for a high-performance gate motorization for your sliding gate. We detail for you our opinion on this engine, the details of the installation and the accessories supplied.

  • Rack motorization
  • Sliding gate up to 600 kg
  • 2 remote controls provided
  • OXIBD receiver

Presentation of the Nice brand

Consult directly our opinion on NICE gate motors.

Detailed product description

Kit contents

In this kit, you will find everything you need to motorize a sliding gate:

  • A motor with pinion
  • 2 remote controls
  • A flashing light
  • A pair of photocells
  • An OXIBD receptor
  • The installation instructions

Please note, in the kit, you will not have the rack. You must choose it according to the length of your gate. We recommend the following rack which is suitable for heavy gates. It is made of nylon and steel inside. It is therefore robust while having the strength of steel.

Installation of the complete kit

Installation of the whole thing is quite quick and simple. Allow one day to motorize your gate. The operator is easy to wire with the BlueBUS system which allows a connection with only 2 wires between the control part and the sensor part.

The installation of the motor and the rack is done like many sliding gate motors. Just follow the steps carefully and you will have an automation that will last for decades.

Programming the OXIBD receiver is accessible to everyone thanks to the simplified instructions.

Daily use

Let’s start with the usefulness of the OXIBD box. It provides feedback from the portal. In other words, you press the “i” button on the remote control and you will know if the gate is closed, open or partially opening. It’s an LED on the remote control that indicates the status. This is very practical if your gate is far from home or not visible from your home.

Concerning safety, the Robus engine is intelligent. The motor has obstacle detection and automatic programming of working times. It can be set to accelerate and decelerate more or less quickly before reaching the end of each maneuver.

The design of the engine is very well thought out and above all of very good quality. The base and clutch are made of aluminum, so they are durable while remaining light. The paint is epoxy lacquered, which means it will keep its color for 20 years. This engine is very reliable, but Nice has added a temperature sensor on this model. This allows it to adapt the work force according to temperature and thus protect the engine.

Our opinion on the Nice Robus 600 automation:

If you want a practical, durable (around fifteen years), reliable and quiet engine, the Robus 600 kit is ideal. It is renowned for its longevity and is installed by many professionals. We recommend it to you with your eyes closed.

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