NICE ROBUS 400, our opinion on the sliding gate motor

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Are you looking for a high-performance gate motor for your sliding gate? THE Robus 400 kit of the brand NICE, designed for sliding gates, is a must-have. Discover our opinion on this model, the installation and the accessories supplied.

  • Rack motorization
  • Sliding gate up to 400 kg
  • 2 remote controls provided
  • OXIBD receiver

Presentation of the Nice brand

Consult directly our opinion on NICE gate motors.

Detailed product description

Kit contents

In the kit you will find:

  • A motor with pinion
  • 2 remote controls
  • A flashing light
  • A pair of photocells
  • An OXIBD receptor
  • The installation instructions

You need to add the racks. These are not provided, so you can choose the material and length. Here are the racks that we recommend. They are made of steel with a nylon coating. Thus, they are robust and silent.

Installation of the complete kit

The mechanical installation is very simple, but you must still follow the instructions and respect the instructions. It is the installation of the motor and the rack that will determine the lifespan of your automation. All accessories to be installed are fixed using dowels directly into the pillars of your gate.

Wiring is accessible to everyone. The BlueBUS system requires wiring only two wires per accessory. It is therefore fast and without risk of error.

Programming the OXIBD receiver is accessible to everyone thanks to the simplified instructions.

Daily use

Thanks to the OXIBD box you can know the position of your gate, even without seeing it. Simply press the “i” key then your remote control will flash:

  • Green = gate closed
  • Red = gate open
  • Orange = gate partially opened

This engine is equipped with obstacle detection to protect your property and your family.

The self-diagnosis provided by the control logic allows you to find any faults on your motor. You will need the instructions to decipher the codes, but it is very simple to understand.

Regarding the motor itself, it is made of die-cast aluminum and finished with epoxy lacquering. Robus 400 engines are known to last around twenty years thanks to their design and technology. The motor is mounted on bearings, so it is quiet and durable. The limit switches are adjustable and so are the accelerations and decelerations.

Our opinion on the Nice Robus 400

If you want a practical, durable (around fifteen years), reliable and quiet engine, the Robus 400 kit is ideal. It is renowned for its longevity and is installed by many professionals. We recommend it to you with your eyes closed.

The NICE ROBUS 400 is often recommended for its robustness and reliability. But how does it compare to other gate motors? To help you make an informed choice, consult our comparative guide to best sliding gate motor and discover the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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