Nice Aria 200 Review Installation and User Experience of the swing gate motorization

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Setting up the System

After unboxing the Nice Aria 200, the first impression was positive: a pre-wired system and a total absence of soldering required for installation. As an installer, this ease of installation is a considerable advantage. The promise of simplified assembly has been verified. The ECSBus system, with only two wires to connect accessories, made the process quick and hassle-free, which is particularly appreciated in a DIY project or for a professional looking to optimize their time.

Performance in Use

During the first test, the rapid opening of the gate in 14 seconds was an obvious highlight. This speed not only contributes to an improved user experience but also less waiting in adverse weather conditions. The opening and closing stops ensured precise and smooth operation, reducing the risk of shocks which could damage the gate or the motor in the long term.

Energy Autonomy

The battery backup system was put through its paces in a simulated power outage test. As advertised, the gate continued to function perfectly, completing several opening and closing cycles without issue. Compatibility with SoleKit solar power is also a huge benefit for those considering a renewable energy option or residing in areas where power outages are common.

Comfort and Accessibility

The partial opening option for pedestrians was a real convenience to use, thus avoiding having to fully open the gate for a simple passage. The three included release keys allowed for effortless manual opening of the gate when necessary.


What I find unfortunate is how easy it is to switch the gate to manual mode. Anyone with access to the motor, whether through the gate or from inside, can disengage the motor. There is a special key for manual switching, but it is not secure and it is possible to open it with simple pliers. You can see it in the following photos:

Reliability and Support

Although the device appears robust, the limited spare parts availability period of 3 years after purchase could be a concern for long-term longevity. However, this is pretty standard in the industry.

Adaptability and Limitations

The device is not compatible with openings to the outside nor recommended for windy areas. It is therefore crucial to carefully evaluate the specific conditions of your installation before purchasing. In my case, the portal being well sheltered, these limitations had no impact.

Personal Conclusion

As a gate installation expert having installed the Nice Aria 200, I am overall satisfied with the performance and ease of installation of this system. It represents an excellent compromise between functionality, comfort of use and simplicity of installation. Its autonomy in the event of a power outage and the possibility of integrating a solar solution are notable strong points. However, it is essential to consider the specifics of your installation to ensure that the Nice Aria 200 will meet all your expectations.

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