TOONA – Nice, our opinion on swing gate motorization

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Are you looking for an automation for a swing gate? You are in the right place. Discover the NICE TOONA model for swing gates up to 6 meters in length. Our opinion, installation, specifics, you will know everything about the robust Nice TOONA engine.

  • Motorization by cylinder
  • For double swing gates up to 6 meters and 400 kg
  • 230 Volt power supply, 24 Volt motors
  • Opening angle from 91 to 110°
  • Irreversible and insensitive to gusts of wind

Presentation of the Nice brand

Consult directly our opinion on NICE gate motors.

Detailed product description

Package contents

Upon receipt of the package you will have everything you need to motorize a gate. Here is the exhaustive list:

  • 2 cylinder motors
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 plug-in OXIBD receiver
  • 2 photocells
  • 1 flashing light with antenna
  • 1 backup battery (if option was chosen)

In the kit, you will also find the plates to attach each accessory, as well as detailed instructions for installation and programming. There are simplified instructions available online.

Technical characteristics

The Nice TOONA motorization is designed for 1 or 2 leaf swing gates. It can operate both in automatic and semi-automatic closing. That is to say, either with a timed closing, or closing by pressing the button on the remote control. In order to protect the motor and the gate, it has a slowdown at the end of the stroke and the opening offset can be configured.

The motor release is located on these. It is easy to access.

This kit is given for 50 to 100 cycles/day, which means that for use by an individual the motorization will last for many years.


The Toona Nice kit is a complete set that allows you to automate your gate very easily. The first advantage is that the Nice brand offers a lot of accessories compatible with their entire system.

Then, this engine is one of the most durable on the market. It is insensitive to gusts of wind. It can be used for intensive use.

It has a pedestrian opening so you don’t have to wait for it to fully open.

The inconvenients

There is some customer feedback regarding plastic cable glands which can be brittle on certain engines, but this remains specific and does not prevent the kit from functioning. Otherwise, we have nothing to complain about this engine. Its price may seem high but given the lifespan of such a kit, it seems reasonable to us.

Installation of Toona automation

Are you wondering if it is possible to carry out the installation alone or if it is better to call a professional? Please note that installation is quite simple. However, the attachment of the motor to the pillar and to the gate must be robust. This will determine the durability of your engine.

Concerning the electrical part, wiring the elements together is child’s play. To connect the control box to the mains, remember to cut off the electricity and work safely. If you are unsure, call a professional.

Programming will pose no problem for you, the instructions are clear and precise, you have all the instructions to properly program your gate.

Our opinion on the Toona engine from the Nice brand

The Toona engine is robust and durable. We can’t say that it is silent, but it is really efficient and will flawlessly maintain your gate even during strong gusts of wind. Its installation is simple and you will not regret buying the Nice brand. We recommend this engine without hesitation.

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