Avidsen OREA 500 motorization review for sliding gate

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Avidsen OREA 500 is a 500 kg sliding gate motor. It is designed for gates up to 5 m wide and has a movement speed of 15 cm/s. It is equipped with a built-in radio that allows remote control. The motor is powered by a current of 12 V and has an automatic closing system and integrated anti-tearing safety. It is equipped with a presence sensor that detects obstacles and stops the movement of the gate to avoid collisions. It is compatible with most home automation systems and can be controlled using a remote control or a mobile app. Check out our review of the Avidsen brand to find out more and discover other engine models.

The Avidsen OREA 500 engine is appreciated for its performance. But before you make your decision, it’s helpful to see how it compares to other available solutions. For a detailed comparison, visit our guide to best motors for sliding gates and find the one that best meets your needs.


– There integrated radio allows remote control and provides greater flexibility.

– The movement speed of 15 cm/s is fast and provides quick opening and closing of the portal.

– THE current at 12 V is safe and offers reduced power consumption.

– The automatic closing system allows the gate to close automatically once it has reached its destination.

– There anti-tearing safety integrated prevents the gate from being opened by unauthorized persons.

– The presence sensor detects obstacles and stops movement of the gate to avoid collisions.

– Compatibility with home automation systems allows convenient and easy remote control.

– Remote control and mobile app enable flexible remote control.

OREA Connect motorization review

We would like to give our opinion on the gate automation in the range because it has the same characteristics, except that it is additionally connected. That is to say, you can link your electric gate to the “Avidsen Home” mobile application.

Installation of the motorization

Before starting the installation, you must ensure that your gate is compatible with the OREA 500 motor. You must then follow the instructions in the manual supplied with the motor. You will then need to prepare the gate and motor for installation. Once the gate and motor are ready, you will need to mount the motor on the gate and secure it with the screws provided. You will then need to hook it up to your power system and plug it into your remote control system. Finally, you will need to tune the motor to your specifications.

Our opinion on this engine

The Avidsen OREA 500 sliding gate motor is a quality product which offers great flexibility and optimal security. It is easy to install and use, and its advanced features make it a very practical and useful product. It is ideal for homeowners who want a reliable and secure sliding gate. The Avidsen brand always offers automation that is easy to implement and at an affordable price. This is why we recommend this model for your sliding gate.

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