FREEVIA ESSENTIAL, sliding gate motorization from the Somfy brand

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The Freevia Essential motorization for sliding gates is very famous. This motor from the Somfy brand is very good value for money. It is both reliable and quiet. Discover our opinion on this model, its installation and its accessories.

  • Motorization by rack pinion
  • Leaf up to 6m and 400 kg
  • Wooden, PVC, steel or aluminum gate
  • Opens in 16 seconds

The FREEVIA ESSENTIAL from Somfy is renowned for its reliability. However, before making your decision, it is crucial to compare its characteristics with those of other engines. To help you, consult our guide on best motor for sliding gate and make an informed choice.

Presentation of the Somfy brand and reviews

Consult directly our opinion on Somfy gate motors.

Detailed product description

Installing the Freevia Essential engine

Installing the Freevia Essential engine is relatively simple. Somfy makes your task even easier with a clear video to understand how to install the motor.

Contents of the Somfy kit

The essentials are present in this automation kit. You will find :

  • The FREEVIA engine
  • 4 meters of rack
  • 2 pre-programmed remote controls
  • 2 detectors
  • 1 traffic light
  • Installation and programming instructions

With all these elements, you can motorize your gate quickly and easily. If the gate is more than 4 meters, remember to add racks to your basket during your purchase.


This motor is easy to use and configure. It is possible to open the gate completely or partially using pedestrian mode.

Obstacle detection and photocells ensure great safety. In fact, if a child, a person or an animal passes in front of the gate, it stops instantly. The flashing light signals the opening from the roadway. The photocells also enable automatic closing of the gate. The gate will close automatically after the vehicle opens and passes through.

The opening is rather quick. It is 16 seconds for a 3 meter gate, not counting the slowdown and acceleration phases.

Automation connectivity

Like many products from the Somfy brand, the FREEVIA Essential kit is compatible with TaHoma to remotely control the gate with your smartphone.

The TaHoma Somfy box is not provided in this kit. If you already have it, it is interesting to go with a Somfy brand motorization.

Our opinion on the Freevia Essential automation

This motor is very high quality and will find its place to accompany a sliding gate. The opening is quick and quiet, a real plus. In addition, the Freevia Essential motorization is TaHoma compatible for remote control. Somfy ensures both the quality of its products and their ecosystem.

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