BFT ORO Hydraulique, the hydraulic motorization of swing gates

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The BFT ORO hydraulic gate automation is designed for swing gates. Discover its characteristics, its strong points, the advantages of hydraulic motorization and then the safety aspect. We will end up giving you our opinion on this engine.

  • Automation by hydraulic cylinder
  • For leaves of 2.5 m and 250 kg
  • Residential and collective use
  • 112° opening

Detailed product description

We no longer present the BFT brand which is recognized for its high quality engines.

This kit includes:

  • 2 ORO hydraulic cylinders
  • 1 control box
  • 1 traffic light
  • 2 photocells
  • 2 remote controls

THE two cylinders ensure the opening and closing of the gate. We will see later the advantage of hydraulics. THE control box allows you to control all the elements of the automation. THE traffic light serves to warn road users of the opening of the gate. THE photocells guarantee safety. Finally, the remote controls are used to control the assembly remotely.

Advantages of hydraulic motorization

Why choose a hydraulic motor? Quite simply for the size, power, cost ratio.

Hydraulic swing gate motors are very compact and do not alter the aesthetics of the gate. In addition, they are very powerful and very reliable. This is why they are installed in a collective environment. Finally, their cost is affordable given the capabilities they offer.

The hydraulic motorization for ORO swing gates

This motorization is made for swing gates of 2.5 meters and up to 200 kg per leaf. It is designed for semi-intensive use.

Its opening angle is 112°, which places it in the average range of engines.

The control box is powered by 230 volts. The motors are also 230 volts and powered by the control card.


As hydraulic operators are powerful, it is necessary to have all possible safety to limit accidents.

The photocells provided prevent the gate from closing on property or a person. The second safety is the shock reaction, that is to say that if the gate collides with something or someone, it will disengage with the very responsive hydraulic clutch.

Opening and closing

The ORO automation does not slow down at the end of the stroke, but the precision of the hydraulics allows it to stop precisely without shocking the gate or the mechanism.

It is necessary to provide locking with an electric lock with this system. The actuators being reversible, it is possible to operate the leaf manually when it is not powered.

The total opening is done in 27 seconds, which is a little long for our taste.

Our opinion on the BFT ORO hydraulic motorization for swing gates

The BFT ORO Hydraulique automation system is of unquestionable quality. Designed for collective or individual use, this 230 volt motor is very powerful. It is also a compact model that will take up little space. However, note its rather slow opening.

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