BFT – Deimos BT A 600: Our opinion on the sliding gate motorization

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Are you looking for a motorization for your sliding gate? The BFT Deimos BT A600 motorization supports all gates up to 600 kg and is designed for semi-intensive use. We are on a model that is both powerful and reliable. Discover our opinion on this engine, its characteristics, the contents of the kit and the installation.

  • Motorization by rack pinion
  • 24 Volt motor
  • For a leaf up to 600 kg
  • Opening speed: 9 meters / minute
  • Semi-intensive use

The BFT – Deimos BT A 600 is often cited as an excellent motorization for sliding gates. To learn more about its performance and compare it to other models, read our article on best sliding gate motorization and discover all the available options.

Detailed product description

Kit contents

The set includes the following:

  • A BFT Deimos engine
  • 1 traffic light
  • 2 photocells
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 rotary selector with key

As you will have noticed, the rack is not provided. Below you will find the model recommended by the manufacturer. It is also the one we recommend for silent and lasting opening. If you want to choose another type of rack, rely on these characteristics: 30 x 12 mm and module 4.

The Deimos BT A600 kit coupled with the rack will allow you to automate your gate.


This automation is intended for sliding leaves weighing up to 600 kg. The operator works with a voltage of 24 volts, so it is powerful enough for any gate.

Unlike the BFT Deimos AC A800, the model presented here does not slow down at the end of the stroke.

Additionally, the opening speed is quite slow (9 meters per minute), which takes around 20 seconds to open a standard gate. Since the speed is slow, the durability of this product is remarkable. This engine will last for decades.

The limit switches are electromechanical. That is to say that the reaction to shock is almost instantaneous.

The automation can be unlocked in the event of a power outage, using a lever with a personalized key.

The whole thing is U-link compatible. You will therefore be able to connect your gate to Home Access Automation.

Install the Deimos AC A600 motorization

All necessary installation items are provided for quick and easy installation. Remember to take suitable fixings for your gate and your concrete base.

Then you just need to install the motor, rack and all accessories. Connect the assembly electrically. Finally, program the automation.

It’s a simple procedure but you have to be rigorous.

Our opinion on the BFT engine – Deimos AC A600

The BFT Deimos BT A600 sliding gate automation is one of the most reliable and durable motors. Thanks to a qualitative design, your engine will accompany you for decades.
Please note, remember to purchase the rack which is not provided in the kit, essential for installation.

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