HWAY connected rack motorization review

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Discover our opinion on theconnected automation SCS Sentinel HWAY for sliding gate. Characteristics, kit contents, security, H’Access application, installation, you will know everything about this Wi-Fi rack model.

  • 24V motor
  • Maximum gate length: 6 meters
  • Maximum weight: 500 kg
  • Pedestrian opening
  • Opening to the right or left
  • Wi-Fi module

Detailed product description

Contents of the HWAY kit

The HWAY rack automation kit is very complete. All accessories are provided so that you can motorize your sliding gate.

  • 1 motor with Wi-Fi module
  • 4 meters of racks
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 flashing light with integrated antenna
  • 1 pair of photocells
  • 1 installation template
  • Screws
  • The engine mounting bracket
  • Metal limit switches
  • The unlock key
  • The notice

Please note, if you have a gate longer than 4 meters, you will need to add other racks.


L’connected automation SCS Sentinel HWAY 24V is designed to motorize any sliding gate of a maximum length of 6 meters and up to 500 kg. This motorization is suitable for all types of gate. Whether it is aluminum, wood, iron or reinforced PVC and whether it is solid, perforated or semi-perforated, you can motorize your gate with the HWAY model.

A rack motorization has several advantages. Thanks to its small footprint, it is suitable for small spaces and can be installed in particularly windy areas.

On the safety side, a set of photocells and a flashing light are provided in the kit. The flashing light helps alert road users that a vehicle is leaving the property. The photocells allow the gate to stop immediately in the event of encountering an object, a person or an animal and to reverse its course to avoid any domestic accident.

Once again, we find the slowdown at the end of the stroke and the learning of the stroke as on the other models of the SCS Sentinel brand.

Finally, in the event of a power outage, an unlocking key will allow you to manually unlock the motor. You will thus be able to operate your gate, even without power.

The opening

The opening can be done either to the left or to the right depending on the configuration of your land. The opening is quick, this will prevent you from spending too much time on the road after pressing your remote control.

It is possible to program a partial opening, also called pedestrian opening, to allow passage on foot, by bicycle or by motorbike. This is very practical if your portal is your only access.

You will also appreciate the automatic closing. Very practical so you never forget to close the gate.


The installation of the whole thing is relatively simple if you are comfortable with DIY and electricity. Color codes on the terminal blocks of the electronic card make it easy to connect the kit. In addition, an installation template is provided to guide you during installation.

Installation is done in 3 steps:

  • Mechanical installation of the motor and racks
  • Electrical connection of motors and accessories
  • Programming and synchronization of remote controls and the H’Access application

Connected portal

The SCS Sentinel HWAY automation is connected. You can control your gate from your smartphone thanks to the Wi-Fi module integrated into the motor. Please note, your motorization must be located in an area covered by Wi-Fi. If your gate is more than 30 meters from your home, or if you have large walls, you can opt for a Wi-Fi repeater.

Simply install the H’Access app on your smartphone to control and program your motor. This is very practical if there are many of you in the family using the portal. Everyone will be able to operate the gate from their smartphone instead of having to use multiple remote controls.

From your smartphone, control your gate in real time by ordering the opening or closing of your connected portal from a distance. You can also know the position of your gate, whether it is open or closed.

Likewise, there is no need to open the engine hood to make adjustments. Everything can be done remotely from the application, such as updates to your automation.

Our opinion on the SCS Sentinel HWAY rack and pinion connected motorization

We highly recommend the engine SCS Sentinel HWAY for sliding gate. As you can see, it is a very simple motor to use which can be controlled directly from the H’Access application. The 24V motor is very reliable, the rack is provided and there are very interesting options such as automatic closing or stopping on obstacles.

Are you considering installing a connected HWAY rack motorization for your gate? Before making your choice, it is essential to compare with other available options. Discover our detailed analysis on the best motorization for sliding gate to see how HWAY measures up against its competitors.

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