Safety standards to respect for your garage door

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Discover the importance of security standards for your garage door and the best practices to follow to guarantee optimal protection. Protect your home and your loved ones by taking the necessary measures to secure your main access.

Safety standards to respect for your garage door

learn about garage door safety standards to protect your home and family.

Installing or replacing a garage door may seem like a simple task, but to guarantee the safety of all users, it is crucial to respect certain standards. Whether you choose a manual or automatic door, each type of door has specific regulations to follow. Here is a detailed overview of the main safety standards to know.

Safety devices for automatic doors

learn about garage door safety standards to protect your family and property. find out about the safety standards to be respected.

For motorized garage doors, several safety devices are mandatory according to the Construction and Housing Code. Automatic doors must comply with seven essential rules:

  • The door must be securely attached to its support.
  • A detection system must immediately interrupt any dangerous opening or closing movement.
  • If this system fails, automatic operation must be interrupted.
  • Door control must be voluntary and personalized.
  • The door travel area must be well lit and marked on the ground.
  • Any movement of the door must be signaled by a rotating beacon visible both from the inside and from the outside.
  • The door must be capable of being operated manually from the inside and outside in the event of an emergency.

To guarantee safety, the garage door must be securely attached to its support, equipped with a detection system to stop any dangerous movement, have personalized control, a well-lit and marked clearance space, signal its movements with a rotating beacon visible from the inside and outside, and able to be operated manually in an emergency, as indicated on the Novoferm website.

The requirements of standard NF EN 13 241-1

Learn about garage door safety standards to keep your home safe.

The NF EN 13 241-1 standard guarantees the compliance of automatic garage doors with French and European regulations. It offers three types of protection for users:

  • Mechanical protection : maneuverability, resistance, durability, safety.
  • Motor protection : electrical safety, maneuverability, crush points.
  • Performance : waterproofing, wind resistance, sound and thermal insulation.

The NF marking is mandatory for new automatic doors, thus assuring owners that the products strictly comply with these standards.

Planning considerations for your garage door

Modifying your garage door can affect the structure of the building or its exterior appearance. It is therefore important to check local planning rules before proceeding:

  • Consult the local urban planning plan (PLU) of your municipality.
  • Check the co-ownership or subdivision regulations if applicable.
  • A prior declaration of works (DP) may be necessary if you are changing the structure or appearance of the door.

Maintenance and upkeep obligations

To avoid any risk of accident, automatic doors must be regularly maintained and checked. According to article R 134-58 of the Construction and Housing Code, the owner must:

  • Have the door checked twice a year by a professional.
  • Record all interventions in a maintenance booklet.

The professional will check the proper functioning of all the elements of the door, and will carry out the necessary lubrication and adjustments. Failure to comply with these maintenance obligations may result in your liability in the event of an accident, and your insurance may not cover the damage caused.

By respecting these safety standards, you ensure a safe environment for you and your loved ones, and you comply with current legal requirements.

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