BFT Phobos BT A 40 – Swing gate motorization, our opinion

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The Phobos BT A40 jack motorization from the BFT brand is suitable for swing gates. This automation is very robust and of excellent quality. Discover our opinion on this model, the accessories in the kit, its installation and its characteristics.

Consult our opinion on the installation, the elements supplied and its use in general.

  • Motorization by electromechanical cylinders
  • Irreversible
  • 24 volt motor
  • For a gate up to 4 meters and 500 kg

Detailed product description

The contents of the kit

Here’s what you’ll get in the Phobos BT A40 kit:

  • 2 operators in 24 volts PHOBOS BT A40
  • 1 ZARA control cabinet
  • 2 BFT 433 MHz remote controls 4 functions MITTO B RCB04 R1
  • 1 flashing light with integrated RADIUS antenna
  • 1 pair of COMPACTA A20-180 detectors
  • Accessories for assembly and installation instructions

There are therefore the essentials to automate, secure, alert and manage your portal.

Installing the Phobos BT A40 kit

To install this automation kit, nothing could be simpler. Start with the mechanical installation of all the elements, taking care to secure the motors rigorously.

Then, electrically connect all the accessories, as well as the box to the house power supply.

Finally, you will need to program the automation and remote controls.

The characteristics of Phobos BT A40 motors

The jacks are endless screws, so there is very little maintenance. You will need to add a little grease every year and your automation will last for years.

The limit switches are magnetic. The adjustment is easy and precise.

To ensure safety when closing, the operators are irreversible. You will need to use a personalized release key to open the gate in the event of a power outage.

The motors are manufactured for intensive use, which means that for an individual the kit will last around twenty years.

Our opinion on the BFT Phobos BT A40 engine

The BFT Phobos BT A40 cylinder automation is a puncture-proof model. Designed for intensive use, it will accompany you for more than 20 years. Additionally, augers require very little maintenance. All accessories are provided in the kit, everything is ready for installation. It’s a great engine.

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