HWAY articulated arm connected motorization

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Discover our opinion on theHWAY connected automation from the SCS Sentinel brand. Installation, characteristics, kit contents, safety, you will know everything about this model with articulated arm for swing gate.

  • 24V motor
  • Maximum gate length: 6 meters
  • Maximum weight: 550 kg
  • Opening angle of 110°
  • Pedestrian opening
  • Wi-Fi module

Presentation of the SCS Sentinel brand

Consult directly our opinion on SCS Sentinel gate motors.

Detailed product description

Contents of the HWAY kit

The HWAY automation kit is very complete. You will find what you need to efficiently motorize your swing gate.

  • 2 motors with Wi-Fi module
  • 2 articulated arms
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 flashing light with integrated antenna
  • 1 pair of photocells
  • 1 installation template
  • Screws
  • The fixing brackets
  • The stops
  • The unlock key
  • The notice


There SCS Sentinel HWAY motorization is designed to efficiently motorize a swing gate of up to 6 meters and a maximum of 550 kg, i.e. 3 meters per leaf and up to 275 kg. All gate types are compatible. Whether your gate is made of wood, aluminum, reinforced PVC or iron, you can motorize it with the HWAY.

Articulated arms are the ideal system to preserve the gate over the long term. The arms, by reproducing the natural movement of a manual opening, ensure the longevity of the gate. In addition, it is a very robust system.

On the safety side, we find the photocells as well as the flashing light. The latter warns road users, pedestrians and vehicles, that a vehicle is about to leave the property. For their part, the photocells allow stopping on obstacles. In the event of encountering an object, person or animal, the gate will be immediately stopped and its movement reversed.

Slowing down at the end of the stroke and learning the stroke are standard as on all SCS Sentinel brand models. In addition, in the event of a power outage, you will be able to manually unlock the motor using the key to operate your gate.

The opening

The opening is quite quick and can be done completely or partially, known as pedestrian opening. It’s very practical for passing on foot, by bike or by motorbike if you don’t have a gate. Thanks to the photocells, the passage of the vehicle is detected and allows the automatic closing of the gate. You will never forget to close your gate again.


Installing the motor is relatively simple if you are comfortable with DIY and electricity. You will find color codes on the terminal blocks of the electronic card to connect everything easily. In addition, an installation template is provided to guide you during the installation of the motor.

Installation is done in 3 steps:

  • Mechanical installation of motors and arms
  • Electrical connection of motors and accessories
  • Programming and synchronization of remote controls and the H’Access application

Connected portal

The SCS Sentinel HWAY motorization is connected. This is a real plus for controlling your gate from your smartphone. The only constraint will be the fact that the automation must be located in an area covered by Wi-Fi. If your gate is more than 30 meters from your home, you can opt for a Wi-Fi repeater. Then, simply install the brand’s H’Access application to control and program your engine.

Control your gate in real time thanks to the Wi-Fi module integrated into the engine. Open and close your connected portal remotely on your smartphone. You can also know the position of your gate, whether it is in the open or closed position.

Update your automation directly from the application as soon as they are available. You don’t need to open the engine hood to make adjustments, everything is done remotely.

Our opinion on the SCS Sentinel HWAY connected motor

L’SCS Sentinel HWAY automation is an excellent product. If you like home automation and connected accessories, you will have a real interest in choosing this model. In addition to its foolproof reliability, all the options are there: stopping on obstacles, pedestrian opening, silent motor and many others. The HWAY engine is a very good choice. The value for money is there.

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