Virgo Smart BT A20 our opinion on the BFT brand motorization

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Are you looking for a motorization for your swing gate? Discover the Virgo Smart BT A20 automation with articulated arms, its characteristics, compatible gates and our opinion on this model from the BFT brand.

  • Articulated arm motorization
  • 24 volt motor
  • Opening up to 120°
  • Electromechanical limit switches
  • Leaves of 2.3 meters and up to 200 kg

Detailed product description

Let’s start by seeing in detail the content delivered with the kit.

  • 2 motors with 24 volt articulated arms
  • 1 electronic control unit with built-in receiver
  • 1 pair of infrared photocells
  • 1 24V flashing light with built-in antenna Radius LED
  • 2 4-channel rolling code radio transmitters, 4 buttons
  • 1 technical notice

Thanks to this kit, you will be able to automate your gate efficiently.

Motors and photocells are very easy to install. The instructions are clear and complete. Programming the control center is accessible to everyone. By following the instructions, you can configure your opening as you wish.

The backup battery is optional, we recommend it if you want to keep the automation functional even during a power outage.

The characteristics of the Virgo Smart engine

The operator is powered by 24 volts, therefore it is durable and reliable even with a large number of daily openings.

The opening takes 14 seconds to go up to 90°, then 4 seconds more to reach the maximum opening, i.e. 120°.

The motor power is 110w. It is powerful enough to drive any type of gate as long as it meets the conditions given in the technical sheet. Each leaf must not exceed 2.5 m² and 200 kg.

The electromechanical limit switches ensure precise stopping when opening and closing. The torque limiter allows you to be safe if the gate were to force. At the end of the travel, the automation automatically slows down so as not to constrain the leaf.

In the event of a power outage, it is possible to unlock the gate with a personalized key.

The U-LINK system, present in the cabinet, allows you to connect using a Wi-Fi module (B EBA WIFI) and thus be able to control your gate from your smartphone or any other connected object.

The motors’ articulated arms are relatively long, which allows easy outward opening.

Our opinion on the BFT VIRGO SMART BT A20 engine

This BFT articulated arm motorization is easy to install and very reliable. You will have most of the accessories in the kit. It is even possible to connect the motor to the U-LINK system to control the gate remotely from a smartphone.

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