ONEGATE 2, our opinion on the motorization of the SCS Sentinel brand

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The OneGate 2 articulated arm automation is designed for swing gates up to 4 meters. Articulated arms are excellent for ensuring the durability of your gate. Discover this 12 V motor from the SCS Sentinel brand, its characteristics, our opinion, installation and its strong points.

  • Articulated arm motorization
  • 12 volt motor
  • Up to 400 kg
  • 4 meters maximum length
  • 2 remote controls

Presentation of the SCS Sentinel brand

Consult directly our opinion on SCS Sentinel gate motors.

Detailed product description

Contents of the OneGate 2 kit

The OneGate 2 motorization kit is very complete. You will find all the elements necessary for installation.

  • 2 motors
  • 2 articulated arms
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 flashing light
  • Screws
  • The fixing brackets
  • The stops
  • The installation instructions

Photocells are not supplied in the kit. This is a great option if you have children or pets. Photocells allow obstacle detection, even before contact.


Articulated arm automation SCS Sentinel OneGate 2 12 volts is designed for swing gates up to 4 meters in length and up to 400 kg, i.e. 2 meters per leaf and 200 kg maximum.

Articulated arm technology is the best for swing gates. In fact, the arms reproduce the manual opening carried out by a person. This therefore does not jerk the gate and perfectly imitates the movement for which it was designed. Without stress, your gate will last for many years.

Note the slowing down at the end of the stroke so as not to rush the gate and the learning of the stroke to facilitate programming.

If the OneGate 2 motorization does not have photocells, this is compensated by stopping on obstacles. Thus, to avoid any domestic accident, the gate will stop immediately and automatically if a person, animal or object is in the path of the gate.

Finally, in the event of a power outage, manual unlocking is very useful. A simple key will allow you to unlock the engine and thus be able to leave your property despite the absence of electricity.

The opening

The OneGate 2 motor only opens from the inside, this is the standard configuration. If you want a model with an opening to the outside, you will have to turn to another model such as the Virgo Smart BT A20 or theOpenGate 1.

The maximum opening angle is 110°. You can also open the gate completely using the supplied remote control or open it partially for your outings by bike, motorbike or on foot. Partial opening is also called pedestrian opening.

Closing is automatic, very practical so you never forget to close the gate. Once the vehicle has passed, the gate will close automatically, without activating the remote control.


If you are at least handy, theinstalling the OneGate 2 kit will be child’s play for you. SCS Sentinel provides a very complete manual as well as instructions on its site. Follow these few steps.

  1. Carry out the mechanical installation of the arms, motor and accessories
  2. Electrically connect the motors
  3. Proceed to programming then synchronization

You will also find the installation dimensions for easier installation.

Our opinion on the SCS Sentinel OneGate 2 motorization

There OneGate 2 gate motorization is reliable and durable and can motorize any swing gate up to 4 meters long. Installation is relatively easy if you’re used to DIY. Everything is designed to make your job easier. The value for money is very good, we can only recommend this model.

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