ONEGATE 1 MVE0101, our opinion on the SCS Sentinel engine

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The OneGate 1 automation from the SCS Sentinel brand is designed for swing gates up to 3 meters. It is a 12 volt motor, accessible and durable. Discover the characteristics of this worm gate motorization, its advantages, our opinion and installation.

  • Cylinder motorization
  • 12V motor
  • Up to 300 kg
  • 3 meters maximum length
  • Opens in 15 seconds
  • Opening angle of 120°

Presentation of the SCS Sentinel brand

Consult directly our opinion on SCS Sentinel gate motors.

Detailed product description

Contents of the OneGate 1 kit

The entire OneGate 1 kit is quite complete. Given the very affordable price, note the absence of photocells as well as the stops which are not provided.

  • 2 12V worm motors
  • 1 electronic safe
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 flashing light
  • 2 fixing brackets for the gate
  • 2 fixing brackets for the pillars
  • Screws
  • The notice


THE SCS Sentinel OneGate 1 engine is capable of motorizing any gate up to 3 meters in length and up to 300 kg, i.e. 1.5 meters per leaf and 150 kg maximum per leaf.

The 12V worm gate motorization kit is ideal for homes that experience low temperatures, especially in winter. This technology is very resistant to cold and prevents frost from blocking the mechanism.

The motorization is silent and we find the learning of the stroke as well as the slowing down at the end of the stroke so as not to rush the gate.

On the safety side, the flashing light, supplied in the kit, alerts road users, cars and pedestrians that a vehicle is about to exit. For greater security, you can invest in photocells, they will automatically stop the gate in the event of encountering a person, a child, a pet or an object.

In the event of a power outage, manual unlocking will allow you to unlock the motor to open the gate and thus be able to leave your home.

The opening

The opening towards the inside is done quickly, in 15 seconds the gate is open.

We find the total opening for the passage of a car for example, but also the partial opening. The pedestrian opening allows you to pass on foot, as its name suggests, by bicycle or motorbike. This allows you not to open the gate entirely when there is no gate.

If you add photocells to your installation, you can program the automatic closing of the gate after your passage. Please note, these are not provided.

The installation

Installation is relatively simple if you are a DIYer. This is done in 3 main steps.

  • Mechanical installation of actuators at the gate
  • Electrical connection of motors
  • Programming and synchronization

Please note that detailed instructions are provided in the kit and can be downloaded from the SCS Sentinel website.

Our opinion on the SCS Sentinel OneGate 1 automation

We saw it, the OneGate 1 motorization kit is ideal for motorizing a swing gate at a lower cost. With a very attractive price, the model from the SCS Sentinel brand is still qualitative and presents serious arguments, in particular its speed or its silent running. If you are looking for an inexpensive actuator automation for a swing gate, this is an excellent choice.

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