EVOLVIA STAR CONNECTEE, opinion on the Somfy brand motorization

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Are you looking for a connected arm motorization for your swing gate? THE Evolvia Star kit from the Somfy brand is undoubtedly the model you need. Find our opinion on this connected automation, its characteristics, its use and the elements supplied.

  • Arm motorization
  • Leaves up to 2 meters high and wide (4 meters long in total)
  • Opens in 8 seconds to 90°
  • Integrated opening stops
  • Remote control from a smartphone or with voice
  • 2 pre-programmed remote controls

Presentation of the Somfy brand and reviews

Consult directly our opinion on Somfy gate motors.

Detailed product description

The Evolvia Star automation kit

The Evolvia Star motorization is delivered as a kit with the following accessories:

  • 2 arm motors
  • 2 pre-programmed remote controls
  • 1 LED flashing light
  • 1 set of photocells
  • 1 connectivity kit
  • 1 backup battery
  • 1 detailed instructions

For installation, you will also need cables and screws, not provided in the kit. Depending on the configuration of your gate and your posts, choose suitable fixings and wiring of the right length.


The model Somfy Evolvia Star is compatible with any wooden, aluminum, iron or reinforced PVC gate. The motor supports all gates 2 meters high, 4 meters maximum in length and up to 400 kg.

The arm motorization is ideal for gates. Imitating human gestures when opening and closing, your gate will not be subject to any constraints. It will ensure the security of your home for many years.

Among the key features, we find partial opening, known as pedestrian opening, allowing passage on foot, by bicycle or motorbike, rapid opening in just 8 seconds and automatic closing of the gate after the vehicle has passed. The opening is very quiet.

A backup battery is included in the kit to take over in the event of a power outage. So you can use your portal at any time. Additionally, it is possible to manually unlock the engine using a key.


All safety elements are there. Thanks to the connected kit, you can open or close your gate remotely via the TaHoma application. No need to leave the gate open all day for a delivery person to pass through, for example. Open remotely when he appears then close behind him.

The photocells, to be installed on each side of the gate on the pillars, allow automatic obstacle detection. If a person, animal or object is detected in the path of the gate, it is stopped immediately. Additionally, the flashing light alerts road users that a vehicle is about to enter or exit your property.

Finally, in the closed position, the self-locking arms ensure locking so that no one can break into your property.


Like all Somfy automations, the connected Evolvia Star is no exception. Installation is very easy to do yourself.

In fact, Keypop remote controls are pre-programmed, you will not need to configure them. Connection is very simple thanks to the colored numbered terminal blocks. For optimal positioning of the motor, a drilling template and a dimension disc are provided. Finally, the instructions are illustrated and detailed so as not to be mistaken.

Connected motorization

There Evolvia Star engine connected and delivered with a connectivity kit. So you can control your gate from your smartphone and the TaHoma app or ask the Google Assistant to open and close the gate for you, wherever you are.

Compatible accessories

Many accessories are compatible, such as adding a videophone or a solar power kit if you do not have electricity near your gate.

Obviously, the Evolvia Star motor is Somfy Box and TaHoma compatible (series connected kit).

Our opinion on the Somfy Evolvia Star connected automation for swing gates

THE Evolvia Star connected kit is a must-have of the brand Somfy. On the safety side, nothing to complain about, photocells ensure the protection of your children and pets. In addition, this engine is a real pleasure to use. The connected kit allows you to control your swing gate from anywhere using the TaHoma application.

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