CAME BXV, our opinion on the sliding gate motor

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Are you looking for a quality motorization for your sliding gate? Look no further, the BXV automation from the CAME brand is a reference. Discover our opinion on this model, the installation and the accessories provided.

  • 24V motor
  • Designed for intensive use
  • Up to 20 meters long
  • For gate of 1000 kg max

Detailed product description

Kit contents

The CAME BXV kit is very complete. You will find all the accessories necessary for motorizing your gate.

  • The BXV engine
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 radio receiver
  • 2 photocells
  • 1 flashing light


The CAME BXV motorization is suitable for sliding gates weighing up to 1000 kg depending on the model you choose and up to 20 meters in length. The brand has released numerous references of this model. So, when making your purchase, be sure to check the usage limits.

The 24 volt motor is designed for intensive use in any residence or condominium. It is possible to add 2 emergency batteries to ensure the gate operates even in the event of a power outage.

The automation is very gentle and operates silently. You can adjust the speed and slowdowns of the gate.

Among the interesting options, we find obstacle detection allowing the immediate stopping of the gate in the event of an obstacle and the reversal of the gate’s travel. The automation is equipped with self-diagnosis of safety devices for increased safety throughout the life of your engine.

Mechanical limit switches can be added as well as a heating system if you are located in a particularly cold area in winter.

The remote controls have a range of 150 meters for greater everyday comfort.

The motor is compatible with CAME Connect for remote control of your gate.


The kit’s installation instructions are very complete. Be careful, however, if you are not used to DIY or if you do not have any knowledge of electricity, we recommend that you call a professional.

The installation is done in 3 main steps:

  1. Mechanical installation
  2. Electrical connection of the motor and accessories
  3. Programming the motor and remote controls

Our opinion on the CAME BXV automation

The CAME BXV motorization is the ideal solution for motorizing a fairly large electric gate given its impressive capacities. The 24 V motor is very robust and durable. In addition, photocells ensure the safety of your home thanks to obstacle detection. No need to introduce you to the CAME brand, a reference in gate automation.

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