BX-74, our opinion on the CAME sliding gate motorization

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Little brother of the BX-78 model from the CAME brand, the BX-74 engine is ideal for automating a sliding gate up to 400 kg. Discover the characteristics of this renowned automation, its strong points and our opinion on its use.

CAME BX-78 sliding gate motorization
  • 230 V motor
  • Up to 400 kg
  • 14 meters long maximum
  • Total or partial opening

CAME’s BX-74 is renowned for its durability and performance. However, choosing the right engine requires comparing several options. To find out how this model stacks up among other gate motors, see our article on best motorization for sliding gate and make an informed choice.

Detailed product description

Kit contents

THE CAME BX-74 automation kit is relatively complete. You will find everything you need to motorize your sliding gate.

  • The BX-74 engine
  • 2 remote controls
  • 1 radio receiver
  • 2 photocells
  • 1 flashing light

The rack is not systematically included in the kits. Consider equipping yourself if this is not provided.


The CAME BX-74 motorization is designed for sliding gates weighing up to 400 kg and up to 14 meters in length. No matter what type of portal you have, if you respect the usage limits, it will be compatible. Aluminum, iron, wooden or PVC gates are suitable. Likewise, your gate can be openwork, semi-openwork or full.

THE 230 volt motor is very powerful and can equip relatively large gates. If you live in a windy or cold region, this is the suitable engine because it is much more resistant.

Among the standard options, we find obstacle detection which allows the gate to stop immediately. Thus, in the event of an encounter with an animal, a person or an object, the gate is immediately stopped and its movement reversed. If you have animals or children, this helps avoid any domestic accidents. It’s very reassuring.

Self-diagnosis of safety devices, for its part, guarantees the safety of the engine throughout its life cycle.

It is possible to add mechanical limit switches.

The motor is compatible with CAME Connect for remote control of your gate.


Like all gate automations, the ease of installation will depend greatly on your DIY and electrical skills. While it’s nothing really technical, it can take a lot of time if you’re not used to it. The installation instructions for the BX-74 model are understandable and complete. Many people call on a professional, especially for the installation guarantee.

  • Installing the engine and racks
  • Electrical connection of the motor and accessories
  • Programming the motor and remote controls

Our opinion on the CAME BX-74 engine

From the same range as the BX-78 automation, this 230 V motorization can be fitted to any gate, up to a leaf of 400 kg maximum. It is a robust engine designed to last over time. The necessary accessories are provided in most kits and you will have no difficulty installing this CAME motorization if you are used to DIY.

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