BFT – Deimos AC A 600: Our opinion on the sliding gate motorization

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Similar to the Deimos BT A600 model, the sliding gate kit, BFT Deimos AC A600, has a 230 Volt motor. It is a very powerful engine with unfailing reliability. Discover our review, engine specifications, kit contents and installation.

  • Motorization by rack pinion
  • 230 Volt motor
  • For a leaf up to 600 kg
  • Opening speed: 9 meters / minute
  • Semi-intensive use

The BFT – Deimos AC A 600 is often mentioned for its robustness and efficiency. To help you decide if this is the best choice for you, we compared this model to other powertrains. Check out our guide to best sliding gate motor and discover all the alternatives.

Detailed product description

Kit contents

In the kit, you will find the following parts:

  • A BFT Deimos engine
  • 2 photocells
  • 5 remote controls

Please note, the rack is not supplied, you will have to purchase it separately. We advise you to turn to the one recommended by the manufacturer for silent and durable opening. If you ever want another model, its characteristics are as follows: 30 x 12 mm and module 4.

By opting for this kit as well as the rack, you will have what you need to automate your gate.

We also advise you to opt for a traffic light to warn road users.


This sliding gate motorization is designed for gates weighing up to 600 kg. With a voltage of 230 volts, this motor is relatively powerful for operating any gate.

Unlike the Deimos BT A 600 model, this one has slowdowns at the end of the stroke. However, like its colleague, at a rate of 9 meters per minute, the opening speed is quite slow. A standard gate will take approximately 20 seconds to fully open. The durability of this product is exemplary. The Deimos AC A 600 will accompany you for decades.

This motor has electro-mechanical limit switches, so the reaction to impact is almost instantaneous.

In the event of a power outage, it is possible to manually unlock the motor with a personalized key.

U-link compatible, it is possible to connect the portal to Home Access Automation.

Install the Deimos AC A600 motorization

In addition to the rack, you will find all the accessories necessary for installation in the kit. Add to this fixings adapted to your gate and your concrete base.

Installation is quick and easy. Install the motor, the rack and the accessories, connect everything electrically, then finish by programming the automation.

The procedure is simple but requires rigor.

Our opinion on the BFT engine – Deimos AC A600

The BFT Deimos AC A600 sliding gate automation in 230 Volts is powerful and robust. If you live in a particularly windy or cold area, this will be the ideal model. Thanks to its reliability and durability, this engine will be faithful for many years.

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